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Monaco royal advocates for Blockchain and Web3

Monaco royal advocates for Blockchain and Web3

Monaco royal advocates for Blockchain and Web3

Princess Charlene of Monaco, in an interview, stated the relevance of Web3 in the current times and cited the example of the growing adaptability of people toward digital payments. 


The times are changing, and to be progressive, organizations have to adapt to these changes. In pursuit of keeping up with the pace of Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation SA (PCMFSA), a charitable organization run by the princess, has recently launched its first NFT under its feed2gether program. The program aims to cater to the rising hunger and malnutrition in children. 

PCMFAS’s NFT has been launched in collaboration with South African artist Junaid Senechal-Senekal, and the token collection went on sale on October 1. It is a 15-piece NFT collection and portrays numerous children’s paintings and a watermark of Princess Charlene’s face. Princess Charlene, in the interview, stated that Web3’s features resonate with the organization’s pattern of including patrons in the initiative making assets worth reminiscing.

The token collection has been launched to raise funds and cater to the issue of hunger among children in parts of South Africa. The princess counts on NFTs to bring global attention to worldwide poverty and hunger. 

PCMFAS hopes to collect funds worth $2.2 million in the first round of sales. The funds collected would provide food to unprivileged children in South Africa. The organization also has the adaptability to blockchain and is looking forward to widening its scope in Web3. It is working on its adaptability toward cryptocurrency as a fund in the coming times. 

Advocating blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, the princess said that threats and risks tend to exist everywhere; however, with the enhanced blockchain technology, it is easier to trace frauds, scams, wash trading, etc

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