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Collateral Network (COLT) Keeps Rising as Astar (ASTR) and SafePal (SFP) Perform Greatly

Collateral Network (COLT) Keeps Rising as Astar (ASTR) and SafePal (SFP) Perform Greatly

Investing in cryptocurrency can be a life-changing investment decision if you invest in the right digital assets. Some crypto assets are depreciating alarmingly while some are performing well in the industry.

Collateral Network (COLT), Astar (ASTR), and SafePal (SFP) are some of the crypto assets worthy of investors’ consideration, thanks to their recent appreciation. Collateral Network (COLT) has gained a reputation as one of the most promising presales on the market, with analyst predictions stating that COLT is set to see colossal 3500% returns by the time it hits exchanges.

Let’s see why COLT, ASTR, and SFP should be included in your portfolio as a cryptocurrency investor.

ASTAR (ASTR) Keeps Investors’ Hope Alive

Astar Network is a decentralized application (dApp) hub on Polkadot that supports a wide range of crypto-based technologies such as WebAssembly and Ethereum. Astar Network also supports layer-2 solutions such as ZK Rollups and others.

The team designed Astar Network as a multi-chain smart contract platform to support virtual machines and multiple blockchains.

Astar Network also addresses one of the challenges of using Polkadot. Unlike the latter, the former supports smart contracts, thereby expanding its use case. Astar also supports all developers by supporting Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and creating a platform for WASM contracts and smart contracts to coexist.

ASTR is the Astar network’s native token. Astar (ASTR) has appreciated from $0.03272 per ASTR coin to $0.06093 per ASTR coin within four months.

SafePal (SFP) Appreciates Convincingly

In 2018, SafePal was launched as a cryptocurrency wallet to help users safeguard and protect their digital currencies. SafePal sers can choose either the software or the hardware version of the digital wallet.

The SafePal API manages these wallets to ensure its safety. No wonder that Binance invests in SafePal and backs it.

SafePal supports an array of digital currencies and leading tokens on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Ethereum, and Tron blockchains.

The team revealed that SafePal’s users can perform numerous operations such as storing, managing, swapping, and growing their portfolios, without compromising their portfolios’ security.

The SafePal (SFP) token is the crypto’s It is currently valued at $0.6122 per SFP coin from $0.2674 per SFP coin just eight months ago.

Collateral Network (COLT) Keeps Rising to Investors’ Delight

Collateral Network is a crowdlending platform that offers users short-term loans by using their physical assets as collateral. Users are allowed to receive loans that are backed by non-fungible tokens (NFTs) against their physical assets from investors known as fractional lenders. 

Collateral Network users can fractionally invest in the NFTs as a method of funding the loan for the borrower. This allows them to charge a fixed interest rate for their investment.

As more crypto lovers are investing in COLT, the token currently boasts over 1.4 billion coins in circulation. Although the token started at $0.01 per COLT coin, investors are optimistic that it will appreciate significantly over the next few months, and analysts agree – Predictions place COLT up over 3500% by the time the presale concludes..

Recently, COL, ASTR, and SFT have shown investors reasons to invest in them, thanks to their impressive performance in the crypto industry despite the recent dip that hit the industry.

If portfolio diversification is a part of your investment plans, consider adding these tokens in your portfolio for long-term gain.

Find out more about the Collateral Network presale here:




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