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Ample DeFi NeuroNet is a GEM in the field of decentralized finance

Ample DeFi NeuroNet is a GEM in the field of decentralized finance

In the heyday of the crypto industry, there are more and more ways to generate passive income through investments. 

We would like to present to you an effective and innovative solution that will bring stable passive income to the investor 24/7.

Ample NeuroNet system expands passive income opportunities for investors through cryptocurrency trading on DEX exchanges with the help of miner pools. Artificial intelligence instantly analyzes all kinds of trades on exchanges and finds the most optimal entry points for transactions. 

The work of this network is based on the algorithm GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer), thanks to that the developers guarantee to the investors the highest fixed annual rewards in BNB, BUSD and USDT miners and the opportunity to earn up to 7.18% per day. The daily percentage depends on the mining pool selected. Users can also invest in multiple pools simultaneously in order to earn rewards in different tokens.

Reasons to trust Ample NeuroNet

The Ample NeuroNet platform has a number of factors that prove its prospects and reliability:

First, every Ample NeuroNet smart contract has been audited by the industry’s leading company Coinsult.

Second, there is an open team of talented developers behind the project, who have worked hard to build the neural network.  The team members have undergone the KYC verification process at Novos, the results of which are presented on their website. 

Third, thanks to artificial intelligence, the platform eliminates the human factor. The only necessary thing is to make a deposit. Then the neural network independently determines the most profitable trades and fixes profits in a non-stop mode. And the users can withdraw their rewards at any time without any commissions.

And fourth, there is no risk of losing the deposit. Only working capital, which consists of accumulated profits, is involved in trading operations.

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