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Top 3 Altcoins Apart from Bitcoin & Ethereum to Bet on This Month

Top 3 Altcoins Apart from Bitcoin & Ethereum to Bet on This Month

The crypto markets are showing a huge tendency to ignite a decent upswing in the coming months, which may be further validated as a bull run if the ascending trend intensifies. While the top cryptos like Bitcoin and Ethereum appear to have ended the bearish influence to a large extent, some of the prominent altcoins appear to be on the threshold of a giant explosion. 

Polygon (MATIC) 

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The Polygon price had dropped below the neckline at $1.18 in the first few days of the month, and the bearish pullback dragged the price below $1. However, the price underwent a rebound and surged by more than 30% to surge beyond $1.25. Unfortunately, the price underwent a minor correction but currently appears to have sparked a flip, which may enable an upswing toward $1.5 soon.

BinanceCoin (BNB) 

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BinanceCoin’s price has risen magnificently within an ascending rising triangle ever since the token rebounded way back in July 2022. The price is attempting to break above the upper resistance of the triangle, but the bears appear to have intensified their activities, due to which it is hovering within the resistance zone.

Moreover, the RSI appears to have lost its grip and hence may soon witness a bearish drop. This may drag the price slightly lower, but the mounting bullish pressure continues to revolve, due to which the pullback may be short-lived. With a bullish reversal, the BNB price may break the $338 resistance and rise very quickly to hit $360 very soon. 

Cardano (ADA)

Trading View

The ADA price has displayed enough strength since the beginning of 2023 and surged magnificently. The price has been forming an inverse wave and has tested the lower support, triggering a rebound. Cardano, currently, appears to have engulfed the bearish influence to a large extent, and a notable upswing may be expected in the coming days.

Moreover, the ascending triangle pattern may, however, keep up the bullish trend and soar the prices until they reach the edge of the pattern, triggering a bullish breakout. 

Collectively, the crypto markets are turning green, and not only the popular altcoins but the small-cap and mid-cap altcoins are also thriving. The altcoins like Arbitrum (ARB), Conflux (CFX), Fantom (FTM), etc, and popular AI-based tokens like SingularityNET (AGIX), (FET), etc and many more may also display a notable trend ahead. 

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