Chainlink (LINK) Struggles While Uwerx (WERX) Price Prediction Has Investors Running to the Crypto’s Presale – NewsTo
Chainlink (LINK) Struggles While Uwerx (WERX) Price Prediction Has Investors Running to the Crypto’s Presale

Chainlink (LINK) Struggles While Uwerx (WERX) Price Prediction Has Investors Running to the Crypto’s Presale

Long-term Chainlink (LINK) investors are starting to look at the crypto again as it tries to recover the value it lost last year. Unfortunately for them, they will still have to wait as Chainlink (LINK) rise is slower, almost a struggle.

But some traders have decided to cut their losses and are turning towards Uwerx, an upcoming next-gen freelancing project. Its active presale and fantastic price prediction present Chainlink (LINK) holders with a chance to not only recuperate losses but make profits too.

Chainlink (LINK), as an oracle that connects the decentralized world with off-chain data, enjoys a special place in the crypto world. While it saw a large value scrapped in the bear market of 2022, it is on a road to recovery, with a 27% gain until now in 2023.

Chainlink (LINK) recently announced 12 different integrations with major chains like BNB, Ethereum, and Polygon. But despite a dozen projects announced, there has been a lack of traders’ interest.

Even the price predictions, though good, are a bit short compared to the size of updates. Experts are forecasting growth of $8.96 to $10.35 (23% to 38%) this year.

Uwerx (WERX) Presale and Price Prediction Attracting Crypto Traders

Uwerx is an upcoming project that aims to redefine freelancing marketplaces. Rather than serve its developers or investors, Uwerx will help its users attain better livelihood and independence.

Better user security, rights protection, lower fee and the use of a deflationary crypto (WERX) has traders and freelancers attracted to its ongoing presale (currently at a limited $0.005 per WERX).

Crypto experts strongly agree that WERX may see a very steep price curve. Price predictions crossing the $1 barrier are common in the last months of 2023 (potential 199x profit).

Blockchain Technology Creating Tremendous Value

Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are leading gig marketplaces. Big as they are, they are not the best though. High fees, little-to-no freelancer rights, and excessive hoops to jump through have users frustrated.

Uwerx will be using blockchain to offer a smoother and more secure alternative. Using the power of decentralization it will have:

  • Transparency of records and transactions.
  • Copyrights embedded in the blockchain.
  • Secure and instant payouts through smart contracts.
  • High speed and economical to use (5% fee compared to 20% industry standard) through Polygon network.

Apart from these, Uwerx will also offer user-friendly services like incentives to join and be active, premium access to clients, business-boosting through webinars, peer-to-peer feedback, and even part in platform decision-making through voting as the team has decided to give users control and remove taxes to facilitate this.

WERX: the Freelancing Crypto

As a decentralized project, Uwerx will rely on its crypto (WERX) for payments, access to premium features and even voting. The crypto is highly secure through a dual code audit (conducted by Solidproof and InterFi Network) and will also go through a liquidity lock for 25 years after its presale.

Compared to Chainlink (LINK), WERX will emerge as a better option with its unique features that solve the real-world problems of freelancers across the globe. Its price prediction by crypto experts is a testament to its bright future

If you are searching for the next gem in the crypto world, look no further. You can take part in its presale through the following links. Remember, the presale is in Phase 1 right now with a special discounted price of $0.005 for a limited time. Join the presale now before it ends!


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