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Ripple Vs SEC Lawsuit May Extend Till 2026 – Says Pro-XRP Lawyer

Ripple Vs SEC Lawsuit May Extend Till 2026 – Says Pro-XRP Lawyer

Judge Analisa Torres could deliver a summary judgment any time now that all motions in the Ripple-SEC case have been submitted and all scheduled hearings have taken place. While James Filan predicted in November 2022 that Judge Torres would issue her decision by March 31, John Deaton clarified that the deadline was not March 31. As evidenced by the recent substantial increase in the price of XRP, cryptocurrency investors are already feeling optimistic.

Now,  pro-XRP attorney Attorney Jeremy Hogan has released another intriguing take on the ongoing XRP lawsuit and said that the SEC v. Ripple lawsuit may continue past 2026. Hogan did note that both sides have the option to appeal the judge’s ruling, so the impending verdict could not be the end of the situation.

Hogan had said that Ripple had already outlined what it would do if the SEC won the summary decision. Ripple would appeal to the second circuit of the Appellate Court and even to the Supreme Court, according to Ripple General Counsel Stuart Alderoty.

He had earlier said, “If the Judge rules in Ripple’s favor, I do not think the SEC is going to appeal. The reason I say that is because there is no benefit to the SEC to appeal because if the case goes to the Second Circuit in the Appellate Court, and the Second Circuit rules against the SEC, now that becomes a binding precedent.” 

The CEO and President of Ripple are positive about a favorable outcome, despite the mounting suspense regarding the verdict in the Ripple-SEC case. This case, according to Hogan, may put an end to the SEC’s baseless crypto cases because Ripple is prepared for the war. 

“Ripple has put $100 million into fighting the SEC. And the facts for Ripple are pretty good. Better than for most crypto projects. So, this is the case where, what the SEC is doing, could be put to an end.”

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