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Ripple CTO Unveils Key Drivers for Boosting XRP Price

Ripple CTO Unveils Key Drivers for Boosting XRP Price

While the spotlight currently is on the SEC lawsuit, the controversy over XRP’s security status is heating up. Given two important developments, Ripple’s XRP might start a bull run and a promising narrative might be on the horizon. XRP units and the price of XRP have an inverse relationship, according to David Schwartz, chief technology officer of Ripple

The inverse relationship between the price of the virtual currency and the amount of XRP units in circulation was explained by Schwartz in a recent interview. He clarified that the asset’s price can increase when the supply of XRP units declines.

According to Schwartz, the price would likely increase by a factor of two if there were just 50 billion XRP units available rather than 100 billion. The cost would also be doubled for everyone engaged, he noted, though.

Schwartz added that a massive reduction in the overall number of XRP units, such as 20 million, may make the statistics more difficult for people to understand. He noted that individuals can better understand the magnitude of 19 XRP than 0.00034 BTC when comparing the ease of understanding of XRP and Bitcoin (BTC) pricing. In comparison, XRP is less likely to make mistakes because of its higher unit count.

Also, Schwartz highlighted some of the key advantages of XRPL-based tokens that offer XRP. As crypto writer Zach Rector posed the question to the community, they received a response from the CTO himself. Because of the auto-bridging functionality and the fact that the coin has no issuer other than those who own the asset class, according to Schwartz, these tokens increase XRP liquidity.

“Many times, I get asked whether something should be made to only work with XRP. Unless it’s an XRPL feature (where XRP really is special because its the only native asset), I almost aways say “no, it should work with anything it can be made to work with”

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