Bitcoin Price Forecast: If History Repeats BTC Price Will Hit $200K by 2024 – Here’s How – NewsTo
Bitcoin Price Forecast: If History Repeats BTC Price Will Hit $200K by 2024 – Here’s How

Bitcoin Price Forecast: If History Repeats BTC Price Will Hit $200K by 2024 – Here’s How

The Bitcoin market saw an increase in value of approximately 2.3% during the early Asian trading session on Friday, with the cryptocurrency trading around $30,795. 

As the week comes to an end, the market has been impacted by high-impact news from around the world, including the United States CPI, FOMC meeting statement, and today’s Retail Sales Ex Autos, resulting in significant effects on both Bitcoin and altcoin prices. As a result, crypto volatility is expected to spill over the weekend as FOMO traders enter the market.

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Bitcoin Approaching Resistance Level with Weekly Death Cross at Play

Despite the recent gains, Bitcoin is approaching a significant resistance level between $31k and 32k. Additionally, the weekly death cross is still at play, indicating that a Bitcoin price reversal could be underway in the coming weeks.

According to crypto content creator Trader Alan, Bitcoin price could reach as high as $200k by April next year, during the halving event. The crypto chartist implies that if history repeats itself, the bulls have the upper hand of rallying about 730 per cent. 

Previously, the analyst had implied that Bitcoin is out of a logarithmic downtrend with the bulls on the upper hand, making them convinced that history will repeat itself in the Bitcoin market within the next year.

Bitcoin Market Dominance Dips

The Ethereum (ETH) breakout triggered by the Shanghai upgrade has significantly reduced Bitcoin’s market dominance. Having hit a major resistance of around 48%, Bitcoin’s dominance is expected to continue shrinking as more altcoins pump in the coming weeks. 

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As the altcoin season continues to show early signs of materializing, the crypto cash flow is expected to transition from Bitcoin in the coming weeks.

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