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US Annual PPI Slows Down! Here’s How Crypto Market Will React To This

US Annual PPI Slows Down! Here’s How Crypto Market Will React To This

In a surprising turn of events, the US annual Producer Price Index (PPI) has slowed down, leaving many investors scratching their heads as to how this will impact the crypto market. The PPI, which tracks the average changes in selling prices that domestic producers receive for their output, is considered an important macroeconomic indicator for driving crypto prices. 

US PPI Declines Sharply In March

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported a decline in the Producer Price Index (PPI) for final demand on a year-over-year basis. The PPI, which measures the average change in selling prices domestic producers receive for their output, decreased to 2.7% in March from 4.9% in February (revised from 4.6%). This development defied market expectations, which had anticipated a reading of 3%.

Simultaneously, the annual Core PPI, which excludes volatile items such as food and energy, dropped to 3.4% from 4.5%, aligning with analysts’ predictions. On a month-over-month basis, the PPI and the Core PPI recorded figures of -0.5% and -0.1%, respectively.

In March 2023, prices for final demand, excluding food, energy, and trade services, experienced a modest uptick of 0.1%, following a 0.2% rise in February. Over the 12-month period ending in March 2023, the index for final demand, excluding these volatile components, saw a 3.6% increase.

These recent figures offer valuable insight into the stability of the economy, as they highlight changes in the underlying price pressures facing producers. 

Positive Development For The Crypto Market

The crypto market is sensitive to macroeconomic indicators, and these lower-than-expected inflation figures may have several implications. A slower rate of inflation may signal a less aggressive monetary policy response from the Federal Reserve, potentially leading to a more risk-on environment for investments. This may result in a positive impact on the crypto market as investors seek out alternative assets, such as cryptocurrencies, to benefit from potential growth opportunities.

Moreover, the release of the lower-than-expected US inflation data for March, as indicated by the Producer Price Index (PPI) and Consumer Price Index (CPI) figures, appears to have had a modest impact on the stock market. Upon the data’s publication, US stock futures climbed higher, with Dow futures gaining 0.1%, S&P 500 futures climbing 0.31%, and Nasdaq futures rising by 0.74%. However, the US dollar index is on a bearish road, dropping by 0.54%.

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