DigiToads (TOADS) Set to Revolutionize the Crypto Landscape, Leaving Theta (THETA) and Celer (CELR) in Its Wake – NewsTo
DigiToads (TOADS) Set to Revolutionize the Crypto Landscape, Leaving Theta (THETA) and Celer (CELR) in Its Wake

DigiToads (TOADS) Set to Revolutionize the Crypto Landscape, Leaving Theta (THETA) and Celer (CELR) in Its Wake

Today, cryptocurrencies are an integral part of the mainstream financial services industry. But just as Rome wasn’t built in a day, this acceptance of cryptocurrencies didn’t come in a day. It took several technologies and innovative projects to win users’ confidence and build the foundation of the DeFi ecosystem as we know it today. To that end, crypto projects like Theta, Celer, and DigiToads are among the new altcoins that have become very popular due to their cutting-edge features. Of the three projects, DigiToads has attracted many buyers as it brings to the fore a multi-faceted crypto model with unimaginable opportunities.

DigiToads: Helping people understand the full potential of DeFi

DigiToads is an Ethereum-based network that supports a meme coin as well as a play-to-earn game. So, you can trade the meme token while winning rewards with the Web 3.0 games. Plus, you can stake NFTs, win daily prizes, earn rewards by holding tokens, and participate in trading competitions with the latest ico. These opportunities mark a shift in DeFi where the focus is always on the community and their games.

To start exploring the DigiToads platform, one would have to acquire the TOADS token which is a versatile token. You can stake, sell, buy, and even trade it. If you are interested, you can purchase it by participating in any of the 10 presale stages the team has planned. The project is currently running its fourth presale stage ‘Lillypad4’ and has received good reviews from experts. 

Buyers can use any of the popular cryptocurrencies to purchase these tokens and access them immediately after the transaction is completed as they don’t have a lock-in period.

The success of this cryptocurrency ico lies behind the opportunities that users can get their hands on. Take the example of the trading competitions that the DigiToads team plans on organizing each month. Traders who earn the highest monthly profits will be declared winners and rewarded with a Platinum Toad. The recipients of Platinum Toads are eligible for remote access to the DigiToads treasury. With these competitions, the DigiToads team plans to put treasury management in the hands of the most skilled traders in its community. In addition, the winners of these contests get to keep 10% of the profits they earned during the period.

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What are analysts saying about Theta’s price? 

Theta is a decentralized network for streaming videos. The beginner cryptocurrency is quite popular among developers given how it has revamped the video streaming industry by solving problems like high costs, poor infrastructure, and centralized networks. These issues not only meant that users would have to deal with poor quality content but creators too ended up earning less. Its native token THETA is the main cryptocurrency on the network which is also its governance token. The latest market data have indicated a consolidated price trend for the THETA Token. Analysts have also suggested that the next bull rally may favour Theta.

A bearish future lies ahead for Celer

Celer is an interoperability protocol that enables its users to access crypto tokens, NFTs, governance tokens, and other DeFi tools across multiple blockchains. It is among the top crypto to invest in as even developers seem to prefer it when it comes to deploying in-chain dApps. These applications are built on Celer using its inter-chain messaging feature, providing seamless access for robust liquidity utilization and shared states. Its native token is CELR and it facilitates all transactional use cases.

A key USP of the Celer network is that it runs on a sovereign blockchain called the State Guardian Network (SGN). The SGN leverages a variation of the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm which is called the delegated proof-of-stake (DPos). With this consensus protocol, users can stake tokens to earn rewards and can shift the task of validating to another delegate. As the CELR token has been at the receiving end of negative price action, analysts feel the token is likely to stay on the bearish side.

Here’s why you should consider DigiToads as the top crypto to invest in

The above-mentioned features of DigiToads make for a solid case and underline how it can be an ideal beginner cryptocurrency. If you have been tracking what analysts have been saying about this crypto coin, you will know that it has been getting rave reviews for its features. Also, DigiToads lets you explore the DeFi ecosystem and select opportunities that can help you build a sustained source of passive income. As far as prospects go, DigiToads doesn’t disappoint because experts think it has the potential to earn over 30x returns in the coming time.

For More Information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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