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Nike Is Launching Its First Digital Sneaker Collection On .Swoosh

Nike Is Launching Its First Digital Sneaker Collection On .Swoosh

The digital sneaker, known as Our Force 1, is a play on the company’s renowned Air Force 1 style.

On its recently launched.Swoosh platform, international sportswear company Nike will shortly launch its first non-fungible token (NFT) sneakers collection.

The name of the virtual sneaker, Our Force 1 (OF1), is a play on the company’s well-known Air Force 1 design.  Nike is set to begin airdropping “posters” to select.Swoosh users on April 18 in order to give them early access to the sale on May 8. The digital goods will be available for purchase on the.Swoosh marketplace on May 10.

Nike Is Launching Its First Digital Sneaker Collection On .Swoosh

Users will have the option of two digital boxes: the “Classic Remix” box or the “New Wave” box, each of which corresponds to a different set of potential designs, including one that four Nike fans co-created in January. Each box costs $19.82 in tribute to the year the Air Force 1 sneaker launched.

The OF1 boxes will eventually be opened by their owners. Each NFT will include a paired 3D file that owners can use to “express themselves in new ways,” according to Nike. In the future, the company wants to add broader utility, such as “exclusive physical products or experiences.”

The general manager of Nike Virtual Studios, Ron Faris, stated in a news release that the company is “exploring new ways to tell stories and create relationships while removing the barriers and limitations of a physical product.”

In November, Nike unveiled the beta version of its.Swoosh platform, hinting that it would be used to purchase and sell digital items as well as a resource for Web3 education. .Swoosh goods can be worn in video games and other immersive experiences, the company stated.

Additionally,.Swoosh members will be able to create their own collections and earn royalties from sales. Nike ran a contest in January with a $5,000 grand prize. Members of the SWOOSH community were asked to create an Instagram visual storyboard exhibiting their footwear design ideas.



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