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Is The Sandbox (SAND) Finally Set to Rise? Will it Be Better than Uwerx (WERX)?

Is The Sandbox (SAND) Finally Set to Rise? Will it Be Better than Uwerx (WERX)?

Metaverse was the buzzword in 2021 and 2022, with the alternate reality platform like Sandbox (SAND) making huge leaps. However, as the excitement slowed, so did Sandbox (SAND).

But does Sandbox (SAND) have what it takes to regain lost glory this year? Or will it fall behind other projects like Uwerx that are more practical-oriented?

Is The Sandbox (SAND) Slipping?

Using virtual worlds fused with blockchain technology, Sandbox (SAND) offers users to build and create digital assets (tokens, NFTs) and even launch their own games. Based on the Play-to-Earn (P2E) model, this means gamers can play and are able to sell their winnings.

This led to a flurry of interest in Sandbox (SAND). The token rose to its ATH of $7.53 at the start of the 2021 winter. Traded with over $34.55 billion a day, the glory was short-lived as it started to fall eventually. The decreasing price followed the trend throughout 2022, ultimately reaching $0.61 on the last day of the year.

With over 95% loss in value, Sandbox (SAND) has to make some major strides this year. Enthusiastic as its team is, the fact that they have decided to concentrate more on augmented reality development for mobile screens rather than virtual reality goggles, their confidence seems a bit overpowered.

Even then, many speculate that Sandbox (SAND) may rise to $1.25 this year. Currently, at $0.61, this is still a decent 85% expected increase.

Will Uwerx (WERX) Be A Better Investment?

Ask seasoned investors, and they will tell you that the earlier you invest in a project with sound fundamentals, the more gains are to be made. Considering this, you should also keep an eye on Uwerx, a rising blockchain-based freelancing platform that has many people excited.

Built to counter current issues faced in the $3.4 billion freelancing industry, Uwerx comes as a breath of fresh air. While industry-leading platforms take a major chunk of earnings as a middleman cut (Fiverr does a flat 20% while UpWork lowers gradually from 20% to 10%), Werx asks for a mere 1%.

Money savings are not the only attraction Uwerx has. Its WERX token is created to drive adoption for investors, freelancers, and gig buyers. Limited to 750 million tokens, it is designed to rise as the demand rises. A further confidence of liquidity lock (25 years!) enforces its strong tokenomics. The team has also decided on making Uwerx a truly community-owned project, with plans to hand it over to its users and reduce the sell taxes to zero when the project is ready to be launched on centralized exchanges.

From a security point of view, Uwerx employs efficient smart contracts that help it protect the copyrights of content creators as well as instant payments upon task completion (legacy platforms hold payments for a couple of weeks before releasing). The platform takes ecosystem security seriously which is evident from its third-party code audits from InterFi Network and Solidproof.

Experts have also weighed their opinion on Uwerx. Citing its strong economics, better security, and potential to become a leader in the freelancing industry, predictions set the WERX token to hit $2.6 around August this year.

This presents a fantastic opportunity for those looking for crypto gems. With the presale listing the WERX token at just $0.0065, the predicted price gives a potential 25,900% jump in just a few months! Investors are currently having a bullish attitude to the growth of the WERX token, especially with the 25% purchase bonus and there is currently a competition to win $5,000 worth of WERX tokens before the price increase on Sunday. 

Agreed, The Sandbox (SAND) is an established platform with strong products, and it might see a good rise in value. Yet, WERX may just leave it in the dust. 

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