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With McKinsey Predicting the Carbon Credit Market Hitting $50 Billion by 2030, Here are Five Reasons Ecoterra is the Best Token to Buy Now

With McKinsey Predicting the Carbon Credit Market Hitting $50 Billion by 2030, Here are Five Reasons Ecoterra is the Best Token to Buy Now

The carbon credit market provides an avenue for companies worldwide to reduce their greenhouse-gas emissions from industrial production. Over the last few years, more companies have pledged to help stop climate change by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions as much as possible – doing their part in the battle against global warming.

Recently, Mckinsey & Company, a highly respected global management consulting firm, estimated that the global carbon credit could hit $50 billion by 2030 as more companies and individuals begin purchasing carbon credits to reduce their carbon footprints.

With the market expanding rapidly, many analysts believe that Ecoterra is the best token to buy now as it puts itself at the forefront of the eco-friendly Web3 revolution. Here are five reasons analysts believe Ecoterra sets itself apart from its competition.

1. Ecoterra Encourages Everybody to Recycle

    Ecoterra has created a groundbreaking solution that provides an adequate incentive to encourage everybody to start recycling. The project is focused on rewarding people for taking action on climate change and has created a unique Recycle2Earn application that guides users through the entire recycling process and rewards them for participating.

    The eco-friendly project has transformed the Web3 GameFi mechanics to benefit the global environment and help push the world into a more sustainable future. Previously, GameFi mechanisms were used to reward gamers for playing their favourite games in the play-to-earn movement, which spawned hundreds of Web3 P2E gaming projects. They were also used in the move-to-earn revolution, which incentivized users to stay healthy through actions such as walking, running, and jogging.

    Now, Ecoterra plans to morph the previously successful GameFi mechanics into a Recycle2Earn revolution, encouraging people from around the world to start putting effort into recycling and doing their part to contribute positively to the environment.

    The entire idea behind the project is to educate the public on the need for recycling and provide them with the incentives to do it. Users are rewarded every time they recycle using the application – so long as they follow all of the instructions outlined.

    2. Recycle2Earn in Three Easy Steps

    Ecoterra has ensured that its Recycle2Earn solution is as straightforward as possible, and they claim that users can start earning rewards from recycling in three simple steps; Scan, Recycle, and Earn.

    The first step is to scan the barcode of any recyclable product on the application to search through the AI-powered Ecoterra database to find an instant match. Users can use the application to scan the barcodes on plastic, glass, and aluminium products to receive a quote for how much they could earn for recycling the products. In addition, if a user has solar panels installed, they can scan their electricity bills to earn Ecoterra on any green energy produced.

    Ecoterra is working hard to establish high-profile partnerships with corporations to include their products in the AI-powered database. For example, bottled water brands like Bittel and San Pellegrino have been added to the database, alongside popular companies such as Dr. Pepper and Heineken. In addition, Ecoterra is pushing for a partnership with Nestle to include all its products in the Ecoterra application.

    Once the barcode is scanned, the next step is to recycle. Then, the application will direct the user to the nearest Reverse Vending Machine in their location to deposit the recyclable products. The RVM industry was valued at $372 million in 2020 and is expected to reach as high as $740 million by 2030, indicating the growing market for these recycling vending machines. As a result, everybody using the application will be able to find an RVM close enough to participate.

    After the products have been recycled, users simply need to take a picture of the receipt from the RVM and upload it to the application to earn rewards from recycling in Ecoterra.

    3. Purchase Verified Carbon Credits

    Analysts also believe that Ecoterra is one of the best tokens to buy right now because it offers much more than just a Recyle2Earn platform. For example, another product in its eco-friendly suite is its Carbon Offset Marketplace, which allows users to purchase fully verified carbon credits to reduce their carbon footprints.

    As mentioned, carbon credits help industries offset their greenhouse gas emissions by removing CO2 from the atmosphere. However, purchasing carbon credits is often restricted to large corporations, with individuals and small businesses struggling to get hold of genuine carbon credits.

    Well, with the Ecoterra Carbon Offset Marketplace, individuals and small businesses can finally purchase genuine carbon offsets in partnership with VERA, opening the doors to an entirely new group of users that can reduce their carbon footprint.

    4. Source Environmentally Friendly Recycled Materials and Showcase Positive Actions

    In addition to the Carbon Credit Marketplace, Ecoterra also provides a Recycled Materials Market, allowing users to purchase recycled materials such as plastic, glass, or aluminium. Using the marketplace, individuals and businesses can connect with companies all over the world to purchase recycled materials.

    The application allows users to browse, filter, and find the exact materials that they’re looking for. Furthermore, they can search for the materials with the most significant positive environmental impact and post special requests to find materials with unique specifications.

    Once users have found their required materials, they can purchase them on the application and pay with Ecoterra, crypto, or fiat.

    Ecoterra also contains a profile for all users, allowing them to track all their positive actions in the Ecoterra ecosystem. The Impact Trackable Profile is designed to empower companies and reward customers for continuing to take on eco-friendly tasks that benefit the environment.

    The Impact Trackable Profile allows users to lead the way with recycling rewards and showcase their positive actions on the application. It also allows companies to position themselves as leaders in the fight against climate change, inspiring their consumers to begin recycling.

    5. Ecoterra Target a Very Wide Range of Users

    The application is designed to reach a wide range of users, including individuals, small businesses, large corporations, industries, governments, and NGOs. Members of these categories can use Ecoterra to their benefit, helping them to recycle and earn through the process.

    The best part about the ecosystem is that it’s adaptable for a wide range of companies across various industries. For example, companies like Coca-Cola and Pepsi can use the application to encourage their consumers to recycle their products to earn rewards through the Ecoterra ecosystem. It could also be used in the apparel industry, where companies such as H&M, Zara, and Nike can direct their customers to recycle their apparel once they’re ready to be thrown away.

    Currently, Ecoterra has established partnerships with Delhaize (Lion), one of the largest supermarket chains operating in Europe, North America, and Asia, to make it easier for users to recycle. All Delhaize stores will have RVMs on-site, allowing Ecoterra users to deposit their cans, plastic, and cardboard each time they go shopping.

    Ecoterra Presale Continues to Gather Momentum After Raising Almost $2 Million

    As you can see, it’s unsurprising to understand why investors quickly rush to get involved in the Ecoterra presale. So far, Ecoterra has managed to raise almost $2 million in its fundraising efforts, just three weeks after starting in the final few days of March 2023. This shows unprecedented interest in the presale as investors believe that the Recycle2Earn application will be the next big hit in DeFi.

    The presale is spread over nine separate stages and is currently sitting in the fourth stage. The current stage of the presale is selling the token for $0.006250. However, it’s important to note that the Ecoterra presale uses an increasing price mechanism, meaning that the cost of the Ecoterra token will rise during each subsequent presale stage. As a result, once the fourth stage ends and the fifth begins, the price of Ecoterra will increase to $0.007. Therefore, those investing in Ecoterra during the earlier stages of the presale will benefit the most as they leave the fundraising with higher unrealized gains. In addition, Ecoterra has stated that they intend to launch the token on tier-1 exchanges at a price of $0.01, providing substantial unrealized gains for everybody participating once the fundraising is complete.

    Ecoterra is the native token that will drive the entire ecosystem. Users will be rewarded in Ecoterra for recycling, and they can purchase recycled materials and carbon credits using their rewards to contribute further to the environment. The token has been audited by CertiK, one of the largest security firms in the crypto space, to prevent the potential of a rug-pull attack. The team has also been verified by CertiK, meaning investors don’t need to worry about them running off with funds.

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    Overall, Ecoterra has used the GameFi sector to help push the world in a more sustainable direction. With the carbon credit market expected to hit $50 billion by 2030, Ecoterra is positioning itself ahead of the competition with its Recycle2Earn ecosystem.

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