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Fantom (FTM), EOS (EOS) Decrease while Sparklo (SPRK) Leaps Ahead

Fantom (FTM), EOS (EOS) Decrease while Sparklo (SPRK) Leaps Ahead

With the collapse of numerous centralized banks, trust in centralized institutions is lower than ever before. Investors are moving towards making investments in precious metals and in cryptocurrencies as a means of diversifying their holdings. But not every single altcoin will see significant gains in value.

For example, as of recently, Fantom (FTM) and EOS (EOS) have seen a decrease in their overall value. As a result, investors have begun diversifying with projects in their presale stage, out of which Sparklo has stood out. Today, we will go over each one of these altcoins to see which one can grow the most.


Sparklo (SPRK)

Sparklo is being developed to provide an alternative platform for making investments in precious metals. In other words, through the usage of Sparklo, each investor will gain the opportunity to make investments in silver, gold, and platinum. Sparklo as a platform works through minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and then fractionalizing them.

As a result, investors can invest within an entire NFT, which is connected to a gold bar, and have the real-world asset delivered to them anywhere, or they can just buy a fraction of it.

This means that it will be the first investment platform to enable this functionality. The platform was also audited by the InterFi Network, and its liquidity will feature a 100-year lock. Within the level, one stage of the presale, the value of the SPRK token is $0.017. Analysts predict that it can climb to 40x. As experienced investors know, getting into the early stages of a project can typically provide them with the highest returns, and as such, Sparklo represents a solid opportunity.

Fantom (FTM)

Fantom (FTM) invited the community to dive into the tools builders have on top of the network and help onboard the next gamers to Web3 on May 1, 2023.

Additionally, Lava Network announced that developers could build on top of Fantom (FTM) as they entered the ecosystem.

As for the value of the Fantom (FTM) cryptocurrency, on May 2, 2023, the cryptocurrency traded at $0.417856.

In the last 30 days, Fantom (FTM) decreased in value by 11.3%. Within the last 14 days alone, Fantom (FTM) saw an additional decrease in value by 19.8%. With this in mind, it is clear why investors and traders are diversifying.


The EOS (EOS) Network Foundation announced that the EVM source code was officially open-sourced.

Additionally, the official EOS (EOS) Twitter page invited the community to learn about the ENF CEO Bart Wyatt and his work on EOS (EOS) throughout the years in the recent Architects of Consensus feature. 

As for the value of EOS (EOS), on May 2, 2023, it traded at $1.03. Within the last 30 days, the EOS (EOS) cryptocurrency saw a decrease of 13.9%, and in the last two weeks, this decrease was 14.8%.

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