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Paypal Reveals its Crypto Holding – Here’s How the Portfolio Looks Like

Paypal Reveals its Crypto Holding – Here’s How the Portfolio Looks Like

It has been recently discovered that PayPal is holding nearly $1 billion worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and two other alternative cryptocurrencies. This signals a growing trend among payment providers to offer cryptocurrencies to newcomers, making it simpler for them to enter the cryptocurrency market. 

This development is positive for the industry as it demonstrates increasing recognition of the potential of cryptocurrencies by mainstream players, potentially leading to further adoption and investment in the future.

Adoption of Cryptocurrencies is Being Driven by Payment Providers.

PayPal has revealed that it holds nearly $1 billion worth of cryptocurrencies in its latest quarterly earnings report filed with the SEC. The fintech giant holds $499 million in Bitcoin, $362 million in Ethereum, and $82 million in Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin. 

The rise in holdings signals a trend among trusted payment providers to drive cryptocurrency adoption beyond the industry’s faithful. Other payment providers such as Stripe and Visa are also entering the crypto market with new offerings and projects. 

Mastercard is considering blockchain’s next use case and recently launched infrastructure to certify transactions using blockchain networks. Visa has partnered with Circle to offer USDC transactions on certain credit cards and announced a project to drive mass stablecoin adoption on public blockchains.

High Interest Rates threaten business for PayPal 

PayPal reported strong Q1 2022 earnings, with an increase in adjusted profits and revenue. However, the company lowered its operating margin expansion forecast, causing shares to fall 5% in late trading. Investors believe that the firm’s checkout button may be losing market share to Apple. 

Additionally, high interest rates are limiting expensive purchases for many, particularly low-income customers. PayPal’s customers have the ability to buy, hold, sell, receive, and send cryptocurrencies, with third-party trusts such as Gemini and Coinbase Custody providing custody and safekeeping. 

Venmo, which PayPal acquired in 2013, allows users to send and receive various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, but all Venmo crypto transactions are irreversible. Earlier this year, PayPal halted stablecoin development amid an investigation by New York regulators into its partner, Paxos.

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