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Analysts Map Top 3 Best Bet Altcoins For Significant Gains

Analysts Map Top 3 Best Bet Altcoins For Significant Gains

Popular crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa has shared positive sentiments about Sui (SUI), Pepe, and Chainlink and believes the lesser-known native tokens are poised for a significant price increase. 

However, with the volatile nature of the altcoin market and the influence of Bitcoin (BTC), it’s important to consider whether these tokens present medium- to long-term buy opportunities.

Buy SUI @ 1$? 

With a relatively small overall token supply and the potential for market manipulation, Sherpa, in a recent YouTube video suggested that buying SUI at around $1 could yield profitable returns, although he doesn’t provide a specific timeframe for this surge.

However, Sherpa also cautions that SUI’s value may drop by more than 20% if Bitcoin’s price experiences a decline. It’s important to consider Bitcoin’s performance when trading any altcoin, he advises, as SUI’s price would likely be affected accordingly. In the event of another downward movement by Bitcoin, SUI could reach a lower level around $0.80 – $0.82, according to Sherpa’s analysis.

As of the time of writing, SUI is currently trading at $1.13, following the launch of the Sui blockchain’s mainnet earlier this month.

PEPE – The Controversial Mammoth 

Moving on to Pepe (PEPE), a controversial meme-coin, Sherpa notes that it is currently experiencing high trading volumes within the range of $0.0000015 to $0.0000020. He considers this range a strong area with significant transactional activity, making it potentially suitable for a swing-long trading strategy. However, Sherpa emphasizes that Bitcoin’s performance will play a crucial role in determining Pepe’s trajectory. At present, Pepe is trading at $0.00000164.

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Chainlink (LINK) could be a Buying Opportunity

Regarding Chainlink (LINK), a blockchain oracle network and the 22nd-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, the anonymous analyst suggests that a buying opportunity will arise once it breaks out of its long accumulation phase. Sherpa personally plans to purchase LINK when its price surpasses the range high of around $9.15. He believes that Chainlink’s extensive period of accumulation over the past year indicates strong potential for future growth once it begins to move. Chainlink is currently trading at $6.46.

These three altcoins are lesser-known but have the potential to yield significant profits. However, with the insights and analysis of experts like Altcoin Sherpa, you can make informed decisions and potentially reap the rewards. 

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