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Big Eyes Coin All Set to Take Over the Memecoin Market with Others!

Big Eyes Coin All Set to Take Over the Memecoin Market with Others!

Memes are meant to be taken lightly, but do mind the Memecoins! The memecoin market is full of cryptocurrencies: some are created as a joke themselves, some are an ode to memes and some are a mix of both. If you’re looking to invest in memecoins this season, here’s a round-up of our top picks. The brand new Big Eyes Coin (BIG)-that’s approaching its launch by minute-followed by Floki Inu and Dogecoin. 

Big Eyes Ready for Launch, But Not Yet

The memecoin market is all set to welcome a brand new player, and this time it’s a cat! Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has just announced the end of its iconic presale, June 3rd, but has one trick up its sleeve before launch.

The DeFi coin has already collected $35 Million in its presale stage and it only gets better. After all, it has so much to offer: a liquidity lock of 2 years on the initial supply, no buying, selling and trading fees on transactions, and a charity wallet to support ocean sanctuaries. Clearly, they want to reward their community-the kitty cuddlers simply for being there.

But that’s not all: perhaps the best among their schemes is Lootboxes. Users can buy a Lootbox to win rewards that are ALWAYS worth the price of the Lootbox itself. How often do you find schemes with no risk and guaranteed profit in the crypto market? 

In fact, Big Eyes is giving its users one last chance to win before their launch. Using the code END300 while buying BIG tokens or Lootboxes, you can win a bonus of 300%! This is a limited time offer-and one that must not be missed.

Floki Inu: The Memecoin with a Heart

Created in 2021 by the Shiba Inu community as an ode to Elon Musk’s puppy of the same name and breed, Floki Inu (FLOKI) has since emerged as one of the most popular memecoins. Thanks to its unique Viking-themed branding and user-centric schemes, but more so due to its contribution to good causes, the memecoin has won the hearts of many. 

But there is more in the wings for the Floki Inu community. An NFT Metaverse called Valhalla, a marketplace for NFTs and merchandise called FlokiPlaces and the Floki University, an educational platform that would teach young users about blockchain technology and the Floki Ecosystem. This is one memecoin that is willing to give back to the community and bring out a change. It is not wrong to say that this passion alone makes the coin a contender to watch out for.

Dogecoin: The Undefeated King of Memecoins

What was created as a joke on the Shiba Inu meme in 2013 eventually gave rise to the astonishingly important memecoin market as we know it today. Dogecoin (DOGE) now sits at the top of the memecoin market and is most frequently included in the top 10 cryptocurrency rankings of all time. And it isn’t new to endorsements, from businessman Mark Cuban, to Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons celebrities have expressed their affinity towards DOGE. In fact, Tesla and SpaceX Mogul Elon Musk almost got in legal trouble for allegedly tweaking its value in the market, after maintaining a very public stance about his support for the coin. Musk’s tweets skyrocketed Dogecoin to its market cap of $88 Million in May 2021 while also marking it as a popular name in pop culture. However, the wave fell flat shortly after.

While both Dogecoin and Floki Inu have done their bit in emerging to their current status, it needs to be reiterated that the memecoin market is volatile, witnessing quick hikes that are shortly followed by downfalls. It is only when a coin focuses on rewarding its community with multiple features while taking steps to expand its user base that ensures a steady uprise. In this matter, Big Eyes Coin proves to be a contender and is one Memecoin that must be taken seriously. 

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