Uwerx (WERX) Holders Are Enjoying More Gains, And Analysts Believe Conflux(CFX) And Voyager(VGX) To Follow Same Footsteps – NewsTo
Uwerx (WERX) Holders Are Enjoying More Gains, And Analysts Believe Conflux(CFX) And Voyager(VGX) To Follow Same Footsteps

Uwerx (WERX) Holders Are Enjoying More Gains, And Analysts Believe Conflux(CFX) And Voyager(VGX) To Follow Same Footsteps

Crypto projects are steadily increasing in the market, and with many cryptos circulating, it should be easy to pick one, but that is never the case. This is because the market witnessed major downward movements in the past year. But the crypto projects we will discuss in this article still seem to find a way to make investors happy.

Uwerx (WERX) Holders Will Be Enjoying Massive Gain

Uwerx aims to be a platform that will soon become a major player in the freelancing ecosystem. Freelancing is becoming more adopted by the world’s workforce, with many big, popular companies like Google having more freelancers than permanent employees. Reports reveal that 52% of workers will have served as freelancers by 2023.

Furthermore, Uwerx will renounce smart contract ownership when the project is ready for listing on centralized exchanges. Uwerx developers will start a 25-year liquidity lock after the presale to give investors security at a huge insurance premium without the costs. Uwerx offers cheaper transaction fees compared to Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr, with transaction fees of 15% – 20%. Uwerx only charges a transaction fee stands of 1%. Uwerx has also been audited by SolidProof and InterFi.

The price of the WERX token recently increased to $0.0225, and the purchase bonus decreased to 20%. Thus, early investors and holders are very much enjoying gains from their capital investment. There are currently 750 million total WERX tokens and a 300 million supply for the presale. WERX Price won’t remain the same as it would be increasing to $0.012 by 6th May 2023. Presale token and stage 4 allocation have also been increased to 54% from the previous 45% and from 60,000,000 to 77,500,000 respectively. Uwerx is also developing an Alpha version of the Uwerx platform, with all the changes and progress, Uwerx still aims to generate maximum value for users and investors, this is shown with the founder’s allocation decrease from 8% to 7% to increase investors’ confidence.

Crypto analysts strongly believe that by Q1/Q2 of 2024, the WERX token could see more than a 2,000% price increase.

Conflux (CFX) Is Making Big Moves In The Market

Conflux (CFX) is a secure, stable permissionless decentralized network. The blockchain aims to bridge the growing path to globalization and connectivity via blockchain. Conflux (CFX) adopts a hybrid consensus model. It runs on both the PoW and PoS consensus mechanisms. 

However, it does not use the winner-takes-it-all feature of mining. Contrarily, on Conflux, every miner on the network will receive rewards for every block mined successfully.

Conflux (CFX) raised $10 million from DWF Labs, causing a more than 9% increase in trading value for CFX tokens in March 2023. The funding will be used for building Conflux’s (CFX) tech stack and expanding its user base. 

Conflux (CFX) also partnered with China Telecom, China’s second-largest Telecom provider, to develop blockchain-enabled SIM cards. China Telecom has more than 391 million mobile subscribers, indicating a vast user base for the incoming token.

Conflux (CFX) is making serious moves in the market, and it is paying off with Conflux’s (CFX) native token currently trading at $0.24 from the $0.23 price during the March announcement. Thus, long-term holders are likely to be rewarded for their patience.

Voyager (VGX) Could Make Investors Smile in 2023

Voyager (VGX) is a crypto brokerage service that provides easy, safe, and trusted crypto asset trading. Voyager (VGX) aims to create a safe, accessible, fast, and user-friendly platform with zero charges for trading through the application. 

Voyager’s (VGX) utility native token, VGX, can be earned by enrolment in the expanded rewards program called Voyager (VGX) Loyalty Program. Users can only earn VGX by staking their tokens after enrolment. 

There are 278 million Vogager (VGX) tokens in circulation, with a 24hr trading volume of $24.4 million and a market cap of $63.4 million. Analysts strongly believe that investors would see gains in the long run for the VGX token. Another interesting fact is that Voyager (VGX) token is currently being traded by 66% of Coinbase users.

Uwerx is strongly believed to be the coin that has ticked all the boxes, offering more than just profits but security on investment and support to the freelancing ecosystem. Uwerx pricing is at $0.0225 per WERX token. We are confident it will increase as the coin progresses; therefore, investing earlier would be greatly rewarding. 

To get more details about Uwerx’s presale pricing and roadmap, click on the links below.

Website: https://www.uwerx.network 
Presale: http://invest.uwerx.network 
Telegram: https://t.me/uwerx_network 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/uwerx_network 

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