Lido DAO Price Jumps Over 50% in a Week, Outperforms BTC & ETH Price- Here’s Why – NewsTo
Lido DAO Price Jumps Over 50% in a Week, Outperforms BTC & ETH Price- Here’s Why

Lido DAO Price Jumps Over 50% in a Week, Outperforms BTC & ETH Price- Here’s Why

Lido DAO, the Ethereum-dependent Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSD) platform, is spearheading the altcoin surge today with a significant increase. As the indigenous token of the platform, it has demonstrated considerable value to Ethereum stakers even before the Shapella Upgrade, leading to its recent notable price performance. Additionally, the recent network upgrade has sparked bullish sentiment among long-term investors.

LDO Price Witnesses Massive Inflow

The recent surge is driven by the positive momentum in the Lido ecosystem, triggered by the roll-out of Lido V2. This significant upgrade, which has been under development for an extended period, introduced two key features – withdrawals and a staking router – upon its activation.

The recovery in LDO’s price is concurrent with the recent net positive influx into Ethereum’s proof-of-stake (PoS) contract. For example, the net amount of ETH staked in its PoS contract stood at 19.27 million ETH on April 11, just a day before the Shapella upgrade.

This figure dipped to 90,704 a week later, before steadily rebounding, based on data from Nansen. As of May 16, the Ethereum PoS contract held over 20 million ETH, highlighting the rising demand for liquid staking service providers such as Lido DAO. This likely boosted the price of its governance token, LDO, fitting well into the narrative.

The upswing in LDO’s value was also backed by large-scale Lido DAO holders in the days preceding the Lido V2 launch, as per data from Lookonchain. This could imply that the “buy the rumor” strategy potentially played a role in the price surge of LDO.

What’s Next For Lido DAO Price?

The present price behavior of the LDO token reflects significant enthusiasm among Lido DAO ecosystem investors, triggered by this recent upgrade. Data indicates that large-scale holders, or ‘whales’, commenced a notable accumulation phase approximately a week prior.

Analyzing from a technical perspective, LDO’s 50% resurgence originated around the lower trendline of an existing falling wedge pattern. Traditional market analysts typically view a falling wedge as a bullish reversal signal.

As of writing, LDO price trades at $2.24, surging over 3% in the last 24 hours. Historically, the LDO/USD pair has seen similar recoveries, with each bounce back pushing the price towards the upper trendline of the wedge. Now, as the price hovers around this upper trendline again, LDO could either break out or retreat to retest the lower trendline.

If LDO breaks out, the price could surge towards $3.3 in the next few weeks, marking approximately a 50% increase from the current levels. Alternatively, if a pullback occurs, the price could drop to around $1.5, a decline of about 30% from today’s price. This level has previously acted as both a support and resistance point.

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