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Tr3zor Has Launched The World’s First Lost And Found Platform Powered By Blockchain Technology!

Tr3zor Has Launched The World’s First Lost And Found Platform Powered By Blockchain Technology!

In a world where we are constantly on the move and our belongings are often scattered around us, it’s no surprise that lost and found items have become a common occurrence. Whether it’s a lost phone, wallet, or even a beloved pet, the inconvenience and stress of losing something can be overwhelming. Fortunately, a new platform has been launched that promises to alleviate some of this burden by creating a community-driven solution for sharing lost and found items.

Tr3zor was founded by a team of tech-savvy entrepreneurs who recognized the need for a more efficient and reliable way of locating lost items, and ultimately rewarding the effort of the lost item finders. The platform operates on a simple formula: people can post information about any lost item, and anyone who finds it can collect a bounty that has been placed on the item.

trezor team
Full list of the team behind Tr3zor

Here’s How it Works:

To get started, the user that is a either finder or a searcher simply needs to sign up for an account on the Tr3zor website or mobile app. Once registered, they can post information about any lost/found item they have, including a detailed description and any other identifying information, such as a serial number or unique markings. On the other side of the coin, people who find lost items can also sign up to the platform and search for lost items in their area. The TR3ZOR platform then scans the database and matches both parties. The searcher deposits TR3 tokens to reward the finder with the bounty.

Tr3zor is designed to be a win-win situation for both parties involved. People who lose items can feel more at ease knowing that there is a community-driven platform available to help them find their lost belongings. Meanwhile, people who find lost items are incentivized to return them to their rightful owners, which helps to build trust and promote goodwill within the community.

Another benefit of Tr3zor is that it provides a universal repository for lost item information, which can be particularly useful for businesses, such as hotels, airports, or train stations. Instead of keeping lost items in a lost and found box, these organizations can post information about the lost items on the platform, which can then be searched and scanned systematically over a one-stop platform.

Overall, Tr3zor is an innovative and practical solution to a common problem that affects people around the world. With its community-driven approach, it has the potential to connect people in meaningful ways and help restore lost items to their rightful owners.


Get your native Tr3zor tokens and start interacting with the community. For more details, please visit Tr3zor’s website:

Tr3zor App is available on both Google Play and Apple App Stores.

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