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‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Urges You to Buy Bitcoin, Warns of a Devastating Crash

‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’ Urges You to Buy Bitcoin, Warns of a Devastating Crash

Robert Kiyosaki, renowned author of the best-selling personal finance book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ has reiterated his warnings about an impending recession and increasing corruption in the United States. He urges his followers to invest in gold, silver, and Bitcoin (BTC) as the optimal insurance policy against these problems. 

Is BTC, Gold, or Silver the safest boat to sail in the current financial turmoil? Many veterans have always been vocal about the assets, so let’s see what the analysts think.

Kiyosaki Grave Concerns!

Kiyosaki has been vocal in his criticism of the US government and the United States dollar, referring to it as “toilet paper” and “fake money.” In a recent tweet on May 18, he reiterated his belief in an imminent “crash landing” and identified Bitcoin, gold, and silver as ideal assets to protect against such a scenario. Kiyosaki has long criticized the US government and the declining value of the US dollar, which he has referred to as “toilet paper” and “fake money.” According to him, these factors could contribute to the decline of the American Empire, necessitating alternative means of preserving wealth.

Bitcoin holding ground 

At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading at $26,877, representing a 1.77% decline in the last 24 hours. However, it has recorded a 2.10% gain over the previous seven days. Bitcoin’s recent failure to surpass the critical resistance level at $28,000 is attributed to profit-taking by investors who purchased the cryptocurrency at around $28,600.

Take Bitcoin as an Insurance Policy

Kiyosaki’s endorsement of Bitcoin, gold, and silver is based on his concerns about rising systemic inflation, increasing oil costs, and the government’s push toward greener energy policies. He predicts that these factors will have devastating effects on the American middle class, potentially leading to its disappearance. By advocating for Bitcoin and precious metals, Kiyosaki aims to provide a safeguard against the economic downturn.

A call for Investors!

As economic concerns mount, Robert Kiyosaki’s repeated warnings serve as a reminder for investors to take precautions. Bitcoin, amidst its price fluctuations, continues to be seen as a viable option for preserving wealth in uncertain times.

Kiyosaki’s recommendation to invest in Bitcoin, gold, and silver aligns with the growing sentiment among experts who recognize the need for alternative assets in the face of economic volatility. While the future remains uncertain, the appeal of Bitcoin as a protective measure against corruption and economic turmoil remains significant.

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