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Traders Predict This Coin Might 10x After Tier-1 Exchange Listing.

Traders Predict This Coin Might 10x After Tier-1 Exchange Listing.

Tier-1 exchange listings are usually bullish catalysts for cryptocurrency projects. Of course, Binance still remains the number one ranked exchange that provides the largest positive price impact when it lists a project. However, all of the exchanges in the top-10 rankings still provide similar bullish effects on token prices.

One of the top-10 ranked exchanges is OKX, a Seychelles-based exchange founded in 2017, which has produced incredible price hikes for meme tokens like Tamadoge and PEPE. Now, traders are predicting that Love Hate Inu might join the ranks of the aforementioned memecoins and surge by 10x after it’s finally listed on a tier-1 exchange.

Love Hate Inu Set to Launch on OKX This Week

Love Hate Inu recently announced that it finally has a listing date set for its launch on the OKX tier-1 crypto exchange. The native token behind Love Hate Inu, $LHINU, will be listed on the tier-1 exchange on Friday, May 19th at 10 am UTC, giving it exposure to the top fifth-ranked exchange in the industry, which facilitates around $800 million in daily trading volume.

The fact that $LHINU is launching on OKX from the very beginning means that it will launch with maximum impact, hopefully setting the foundation for a bullish surge higher.

The token will continue to list on Uniswap DEX four hours after the OKX listing, providing a decentralized avenue for traders to trade who don’t use centralized exchanges.

Love Hate Inu had one of the largest crypto presales this year, raising a total of $10.2 million in just a few short weeks. With the memecoin mania season still upon us, Love Hate Inu might have picked the perfect time to launch, which could result in huge gains for the token.

Vote-to-Earn Memecoin With Utility


Love Hate Inu has created a memecoin that can offer real-world utility through its secure and transparent platform for voting on the most important issues. It has created the ultimate voting token that allows users to express their opinions on the hottest internet topics and get rewarded. The platform is designed to let people engage in a healthy discussion, contribute to the next meme sensations, and earn tokens in the process.

With social media being everybody’s go-to destination for discussion, you might be wondering why a voting platform might need to exist. Well, today’s social media platforms are filled with trolls, artificial intelligence chatbots, and paid actors. As a result, it’s impossible to judge what opinions are real online anymore. With so much at stake in public discussions, governments and corporations are doing all they can to manipulate sentiment and opinion using fake accounts on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit.

This is where Love Hate Inu steps in to create an immutable voting system where the results are verifiable on-chain.

The project intends to disrupt the online survey market and position itself as the first blockchain-powered voting platform that can record immutable results through a ledger. The online survey market is expected to hit $5.7 billion by 2027, and Love Hate Inu wants to be the leading cryptocurrency-based platform in the sector.

The team has ambitions to partner with high-profile brands to run sponsored polls where rewards for voting can include features such as NFT discount codes and branded metaverse items.

Real-Time Staking System to Prevent Vote Manipulation


Furthermore, it’s extremely difficult to manipulate the votes on Love Hate Inu through spam. This is because users have to stake their $LHINU tokens to be eligible to start voting. The act of staking qualifies users to vote on the platform and helps to keep the voting anonymous, allowing users to express their honest opinion without the fear of judgment.

In addition, whales will struggle to manipulate the vote because the team has implemented a real-time staking mechanism that utilizes the 30-day average balance of users to prevent spam attacks. As a result, whales wishing to sway the results will need to wait for a period before they can accumulate enough voting power while having their tokens locked in the ecosystem. Therefore, only those that are truly invested in the platform have a say on the outcome of the vote.

Is a 10X Gain On the Way?

With such an explosive presale, investors are eager to see the outcome of the OKX listing. However, beginning on a tier-1 exchange like OKX is a mighty achievement and is setting the stage for a momentous surge higher. Another memecoin, Tamadoge, followed a similar path last year and went on to surge by over 18x (1800%) once it was listed on OKX. Love Hate Inu investors are praying for a similar situation when the token finally launches on the tier-1 exchange on Friday.

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