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Justin Sun to Actively Begin Meme Coin Trading – Assets Likely to Make the Tron Founder’s List

Justin Sun to Actively Begin Meme Coin Trading – Assets Likely to Make the Tron Founder’s List

Justin Sun recently announced that he will begin actively trading meme coins and promising cryptos through his public address. The tweet was amid the new wave of meme coin mania pumped by Pepe and SpongeBob Token. 

The Tron founder had earlier invited meme coin developers to build on the Tron network and benefit from funding support of up to $1 million. His portfolio diversification into emerging meme coins can be seen as part of a wider promotional strategy. 

Nevertheless, traders are eagerly tracking his wallet address to follow suit as the meme coin market is highly sensitive to endorsements and nods from celebrities like Elon Musk and Mark Cuban. 

Being one of the most revered figures in the crypto market, Sun’s backing can potentially trigger multifold rallies for the assets. 

Which meme coins are most likely to make his list? Here are our top predictions and why. 

1. Copium – Can Humor, FOMO, and Camaraderie Pump the Next Meme Coin Explosion?

On top of our list is Copium – the latest meme coin sensation that went 500% up the charts within hours of going live on 18 May 2023. The momentum is gaining stronger as more investors flock to Uniswap to take advantage of the upcoming explosion.

At the heart of Copium’s overnight rise to popularity is its unique theme and delivery. The meme cryptocurrency is built around the theme of “coping” with missed opportunities. 

“Bought the top, anon? Did your favourite influencer use you as exit liquidity? Were you part of a Ponzi scheme that left your bags worthless while others walked away with generational wealth? We feel your pain, and we’re here to help you cope,” says the website. 

The movement driven by humour, fellowship, and the shared experience of navigating the unpredictable crypto landscape has struck a chord with the meme coin community, as the numbers show. 

COPIUM trades, source: DEXtools

Copium has adopted a multi-faceted marketing strategy that is behind the ongoing bull run. The campaign pays attention to building a community of believers in its vision, rather than mere investors. It goes a long way in ensuring that the token doesn’t become a fleeting crypto sensation like most meme coins. 

The key highlight of the marketing strategy is the exclusive, invitation-only presale that built massive hype around the Uniswap launch. Limited to just 200, presale investors are influential supporters in the crypto landscape. 

The presale investment gives them skin in the game. The community will flourish and expand through these investors, who will double as its fervent ambassadors. 

Presale investors are often notorious for triggering token dumps. But Copium has a strategically designed anti-dumping plan in place to combat that. It allowed a maximum stake of 1 ETH worth $COPIUM for each investor so that there is a level playing field and shared accountability for the project’s success.

Another key element that will fuel the demand for Copium tokens in the coming days is a unique NFT drop, which operates in three stages to reward top $COPIUM holders. It compels investors to hold and increase their $COPIUM holdings. 

Within days of launch, the Copium Twitter community is 16K members strong – hinting at the project’s fast penetration into the meme coin market. The social media posts that take inspiration from popular memes and trends are aggressively designed to suit their taste.

At the time of writing, Copium is one of the hottest cryptocurrencies on Dextools

The Copium team is led by experienced developers and OGs who have brought together some uniquely creative elements to build a meme coin that can stand the test of time. 

A realistic target for the meme coin this month is 15-30X from its current price of $0.007893. It will have to wait longer to dethrone Pepe from its position as the third-largest meme coin. While Pepe has a large market cap of $605M now, we can expect more investors to liquidate their Pepe holdings to join Copium in the coming days. 

That makes sense since the Pepe rally is slowing down. It also has less room for growth when compared to emerging coins like Copium. 

Had you invested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin early, the returns would be in four or five digits now. Investing in underrated and emerging coins has worked out remarkably well for shrewd investors than following the herd. 

So, next on our list is AiDoge – a doge-inspired presale meme coin that comes with a meme utility. 



AiDoge combines AI, meme coins, and memes to create a viral token. It powers the payment and reward system of the underlying project, which is building an AI-based meme generator. 

As you may have already guessed, the app generates memes for you. You just need to enter the text prompt and wait a few seconds. It does all the work for you, from creating the caption to hunting down the images from the internet. 

These memes are for anyone to see. As more meme-makers join the platform, it will emerge to become a social hub where you can find the latest memes across different niches. $AI token will cash in on its virality by powering its token-based credit system. 

The AiDoge presale is now open, allowing people who believe in its vision to be a part of the project early on. It is on its way to the $10M milestone, hinting at the bull run that is underway for the token upon its launch and exchange listings. 

We saw how AI platforms like ChatGPT and Dall-E became a global phenomenon. Tapping into memes, one of the most exciting products of Web 2.0, AiDoge won’t have a hard time winning a young audience. 

3. Ecoterra – Green Crypto that Reinvigorates Climate Action and Recycling 

Another project that is likely to win Justin Sun’s attention is Ecoterra – a Web3 coin that promotes recycling, circular economy, and carbon offsetting, tapping into the secure and transparent makeup of blockchain technology. 

While there are multiple green crypto projects in the market, Ecoterra’s focus on recycling sets it apart. Recycling is one of the key pillars of climate action. But it is also one of the most difficult to execute as it requires knowledge, technical skills, and resources. And even if an individual or organization has access to these, it’s hard to be committed to it. 


Ecoterra aims to solve this using a blockchain-based app that rewards you for every item you recycle following its directions. The tokens can be held, staked, or spent on various ecological activities like ocean or beach cleanups, tree planting, etc. 

The other key pillars of the ecosystem are a carbon-offsetting marketplace, a recycled materials marketplace, and an impact profile.

Ecoterra’s target audience and user base include environmentally-conscious individuals, socially responsible small businesses, large corporations, industries, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It aims to motivate different sectors of society to join forces and reduce carbon footprint for a sustainable future.

A global icon like Justin Sun can add more vigor to Ecoterra’s ambitious, yet realizable mission.

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