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Lottoday to Offer Gaming Hub NFTs in the Limited Presale

Lottoday to Offer Gaming Hub NFTs in the Limited Presale

Lottoday, the world’s biggest Web3 gaming platform, is pleased to announce its upcoming presale set to take place on May 22, 2023, at 12:00 UTC. This represents a good opportunity not only for online gaming enthusiasts but to everyone, to be part of the platform’s revolutionary technology and the introduction of the unique utility of NFT.

Utility of Gaming Hub NFTs

Lottoday is proud to pioneer a groundbreaking new utility for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) with the introduction of Gaming Hub NFTs with Revenue Share Points (RSPs) minted inside them. These NFTs serve as a unique vehicle for the public to participate in the revenue share generated from online games on the platform. It is a unique concept introduced by Lottoday, designed to increase the benefits for the Gaming Hub NFT owners.

This presale will have six stages in which the public can participate. The first stage of the presale will start on May 22, with limited Gaming Hub NFTs available for ownership and the best reward speed calculation of 2x RSP. The second to sixth stages will give you 1.8x to 1.1x RSP. This innovative approach to NFT utility establishes Lottoday as an industry trailblazer in Web3 gaming.

As a Gaming Hub NFT owner, you not only share the revenue from one lottery game but also from the future games launched on the platform. By purchasing Gaming Hub NFTs during the presale, the owners gain rewards in Lottoday’s explosive growth trajectory and participate in crowdfunding the development of the largest lottery in the world. 

Multi-Blockchain Compatibility and Accessibility

Lottoday will be accessible on five major blockchain systems, including Ultron Foundation, Binance Smart Chain, Tron, Polygon, and Ethereum. This strategic adoption of a multi-chain approach assures user adaptability, accommodating individual preferences and requirements.

Aiming for universal accessibility, Lottoday is set to roll out a user-centric website and a state-of-the-art mobile application for Google Play and the App Store. With a design focus on intuitive navigation and smooth operation, Lottoday ensures easy access to a wide array of online games and lotteries, regardless of location or time, enhancing the gaming experience for all users.

1,000,000 USDT and more chances of Winning

Moreover, the platform will kick off its USDT 6/45 Lucky Draw jackpot prize at an astounding 1,000,000 USDT, a life-changing reward for many participants. This significant prize reflects Lottoday’s mission to offer unparalleled opportunities and experiences to its users. 

Other games to be launched are ULX 6/45 Lucky Draw where participants are given a chance to win the jackpot prize in ULX, and the Prediction Market game, where participants can test their market analysis skills and bet on the market movement in a short-term future. As a reward, bettors who predict the market outcome, win the accumulated bets!

Lottoday: A Catalyst for Web3 Gaming

Lottoday will stand at the forefront of the Web3 gaming revolution, serving as a vital catalyst in the industry. By combining blockchain technology with online gaming, Lottoday presents an ingenious approach to digital entertainment that challenges traditional norms. Its innovative Gaming Hub NFTs and Revenue Share Points (RSPs) system allowing everyone to participate in the platform’s revenue, leading to a more engaging and inclusive gaming ecosystem. 

The convergence of these cutting-edge technologies and concepts makes Lottoday a prime mover in the transition to Web3 gaming, setting new standards for the future of digital entertainment.

Stay tuned for further updates as Lottoday continues to drive innovation and shape the future of Web3 gaming. Learn more about the presale by visiting

About Lottoday: Lottoday is a Web3 gaming platform, combining blockchain technology, online games, and the world’s biggest lottery. Through its innovative approach, Lottoday aims to transform the gaming industry by introducing unique experiences for the players.

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