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Can The Dogecoin Price Reach $1? No, But COPIUM Might Explode

Can The Dogecoin Price Reach $1? No, But COPIUM Might Explode

Meme coins are the talk of the town at the moment. While many analysts struggle to see DOGE reach $1, other meme coins look set for enormous growth.

One of those tokens is COPIUM. This meme coin is all the rage at the moment. We explain why and all about it here.

DOGE Can’t Seem to Fight Against This New Token

Dogecoin was once the king of meme coins, but it looks like that it that may no longer be the case. Enter COPIUM, a token that looks like it can go 50x while DOGE will struggle to reach $1.

COPIUM, a recently launched meme coin designed to assist traders in managing the crypto market’s volatility, has made a remarkable debut on Uniswap, quickly surging in value. Traders and analysts are highly optimistic about COPIUM’s potential to achieve a 1000x increase, similar to the success of recent meme coins such as $PEPE and $SPONGE. Within minutes of its, the coin experienced a staggering multi-fold gain. The price of COPIUM is continuing to rise rapidly as traders eagerly invest in the token.

COPIUM Joins the Meme Coin Mania

Copium Club aims to establish a light-hearted and self-ironic community that serves as a support system for traders seeking solace in the aftermath of the recent frenzy surrounding meme coins. Whether individuals missed out on significant token surges or found themselves holding devalued assets, Copium offers a community of like-minded meme coin traders. The project emphasizes that humor has the potential to lead to financial success, even for those who bought at the peak.

This concept is expected to resonate with crypto traders, many of whom have experienced turbulent fluctuations in the meme coin market in recent weeks. For instance, PEPE skyrocketed by over 6,000% before undergoing a significant crash, leaving room for redemption for those who purchased at the peak. Consider purchasing COPIUM on Uniswap.

Vested Presale Unlocks Tokens Over 3 Weeks

In contrast to previous meme coin projects, only 10% of the COPIUM owned by presale investors became accessible before the DEX launch, while the remaining 90% of tokens will gradually unlock over the course of the next three weeks. This approach represents a significant departure from the norm and prevents early investors from abruptly exiting the market, even as new traders enthusiastically enter the COPIUM ecosystem.

This particular aspect contributes significantly to why crypto influencers anticipate COPIUM to achieve a staggering 100x increase in value. A fair launch attracts a broader range of traders, and with over a quarter of the COPIUM supply locked up at launch, the conditions are set for explosive price dynamics.

COPIUM Airdrop Stirs Frenzy

The team behind Copium Club has introduced an additional incentive to enhance the token’s launch appeal—a rewarding airdrop. Within a short period after the launch, the top 200 investors in Copium will be eligible to receive an NFT. This NFT can be redeemed for an airdrop of COPIUM tokens scheduled to occur two weeks later. To determine the top 200 investors, a snapshot will be taken two hours after the launch.

The quantity of COPIUM tokens allocated for each investor in the airdrop depends on their holdings and the duration of their ownership. Represented as a tank, the NFT gradually fills up to 5% daily based on the investor’s continuous token holdings. After two weeks, the top 200 investors will be able to claim their airdrop by utilizing their NFT, and the amount of COPIUM they receive will correspond to the level of filling in their tank.

This creates a strong incentive for investors to acquire a significant amount of COPIUM before the two-hour post-launch snapshot. Subsequently, the largest investors of the token are motivated to retain their holdings for a duration of two weeks, refraining from selling. This strategic decision effectively restricts the availability of supply at a time when demand for COPIUM is at its peak.

Strong Potential for COPIUM

Despite the Copium project’s exclusive and limited presale, which restricted its initial attention compared to other emerging meme coins, the recent launch on Uniswap has swiftly captured the interest of crypto traders and influencers.

COPIUM has garnered support from influential figures within the crypto industry, including renowned influencers like Faze Banks (with 2.8 million Twitter followers), DeeZee (250k followers), Cozomo de’ Medici (289k followers), and foobar (130k followers).

Furthermore, COPIUM is rapidly establishing its own dedicated social following. Its Twitter account has amassed over 14,000 followers, while the COPIUM Telegram community, even though not officially launched, has already attracted nearly 1,000 members.


COPIUM is one of those meme coin opportunities that come along very rarely. Those interested in this project and meme coins, in general, should certainly check it out.

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