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hiBAKC NFT Sees 1,100% Price Surge after Launching on KuCoin Exchange 

hiBAKC NFT Sees 1,100% Price Surge after Launching on KuCoin Exchange 

Fracton Protocol, a leading player in fractionalized NFTs, has launched its latest offering, hiBAKC, on the popular crypto exchange KuCoin. The introduction of hiBAKC has caused a sensation in the crypto community, as its price surged by a remarkable 1,100% on its first day of trading.

As the 27th addition to Fracton Protocol’s hiNFT token family, hiBAKC represents a fractionalized reflection of the highly coveted Bored Ape Kennel Club (BAKC) NFT Collection. By breaking down each of the NFTs in the collection into 1,000,000 tokens, hiBAKC allows a broader audience of crypto exchange users to participate in the ownership of these desirable assets.

Fracton Protocol has gained a reputation for delivering exceptional results with its hiNFT launches. Each new addition to its lineup has consistently experienced a staggering surge in price, ranging from 10 to 20 times the initial value on the day of its debut. With hiBAKC, Fracton Protocol maintains this tradition of breakthroughs and record-breaking performances.

The uniqueness of hiBAKC lies in its status as the first-ever BAKC fractional token to be listed on a crypto exchange, further demonstrating Fracton Protocol’s commitment to innovation and accessibility. 

Since its launch, Fracton Protocol has garnered over 3.3 billion in total trading volume and millions of NFTs locked and issued through its secure smart contracts. By introducing hiBAKC to Fracton Protocol’s lineup, the project aims to democratize access to these highly sought-after digital assets. 

The BAKC NFT collection, originating from the creative brilliance of Yuga Labs, the creators of the iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), consists of 9,602 uniquely delightful kennel NFTs. These NFTs serve as digital kennels and embody community spirit and philanthropy, with a portion of their initial secondary sales generously donated to animal charities.

Notably, fractionalization allows the NFTs to be broken down into affordable segments, opening the doors for millions of new participants to join the BAKC and Yuga Labs community. 

The significant rise of hiBAKC on KuCoin highlights the immense interest from mainstream crypto users who were previously deterred by the complexities and risks associated with purchasing NFTs. 

Fracton Protocol has successfully bridged this gap by making highly-desired NFTs affordable and accessible through fractionalization. By doing so, they have demystified NFT investments, reduced risks, and invited a larger audience into the world of digital collectibles. 

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