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Telegram Integrates USDT Stablecoin Payments, Trade Crypto Privately With

Telegram Integrates USDT Stablecoin Payments, Trade Crypto Privately With

As Telegram adopts the use of Tether in order to make tipping easier, Tradecurve, a new anonymous trading platform in development, accepts Tether for its presale.

Telegram and USDT go together like coffee and cream

Telegram is one of the best ways to communicate with crypto projects and an excellent way to find group chats about crypto. There are also several news feed channels such as FullFeed, that aggregate all the latest crypto news, and allow subscribers to vote on how significant they think that news is.

One of the latest news updates is about Telegram, which has now integrated USDT into a tipping bot.  This is big news if we accept Telegram’s statement that they are “One of the top 5 most-downloaded apps in the world with over 700 million active users”.

The tipping bot is called @wallet, already allows people to send tips via Bitcoin and TON coin, and now has support for USDT TRC20, which is basically Tether running on the Tron network, rather than the Ethereum network.  This makes a lot more sense than using Bitcoin or USDT ERC20 since the transaction fees are quite likely to end up being higher than the actual tip, and so we may expect to see wider use of the tipping bot from now on.

Tether seems to be everywhere right now, having recently integrated with:

  • Strike app – giving people from 65 different countries an easy way to buy, hold and send USDT
  • KriptonMarket – connecting USDT with the small businesses that comprise Argentina’s huge Mercado Central
  • Now Payments – a widely used payment processor
  • CoinMena – via Tether’s new Euro stablecoin EURT
  • Tradecurve – a decentralized trading platform that includes TradFi products as well as crypto.

Non-CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency) stablecoins are vital for the crypto industry so this should be viewed as bullish news.

Who is Tradecurve?

Tradecurve is a new player in the world of crypto, currently in presale.  Although they are new, their ambitions are big.  They want to totally shake up the way that traders do their work and onboard people who wouldn’t normally have the chance to access things like forex, crypto, stocks, bonds, ETFs, indices and more.

One of the reasons retail investors don’t always have access to these things is regulatory issues in their country of residence.  Another reason is privacy concerns, and yet another is the lack of access to banking services altogether – it’s estimated that 1.4 billion people still don’t have access to a bank account, that’s over 17% of the world’s population!

Still, for the majority of people reading this, the biggest concern is likely to be privacy and regulations. That’s where Tradecurve shines.  By being built on the blockchain and allowing you to deposit crypto, there is no need for KYC, biometric data or anything more than an email address (and a crypto wallet such as MetaMask).

Tradecurve aims to prioritize privacy and anonymity for those that want it, so that your business remains your business!  

Tradecurve has an ERC-20 based token called TCRV.  TCRV is currently $0.015 and can be purchased with USDT ERC-20 or USDT TRC-20 (Tron’s Tether).  

Experts predict that after it launches the price could go as high as 100x from there. As Tradecurve is currently in the second phase of the presale, this means an early opportunity for people looking for what might be the next big thing in web3.

For more information about TCRV presale tokens:

Website | Buy TCRV Presale Tokens | Twitter | Community on Telegram

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