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Tidex Enters a New Era: Initiating Operations in Joseon

Tidex Enters a New Era: Initiating Operations in Joseon

Taking a monumental stride towards the future, Tidex, a prominent player in the global cryptocurrency exchange landscape, declares its plans to establish a subsidiary in Joseon, the world’s first cyber nation-state recognized by international law. This move catapults Tidex into the vanguard of the digital revolution, reflecting its commitment to Joseon’s mission of fostering a dynamic space for trailblazing ideas and next-generation technologies.

“Tidex has always championed innovation in the crypto sphere,” shared Eric Ma, Tidex’s CEO.

“Our decision to enter Joseon represents more than a tactical initiative; it embodies our faith in the endless potential of this digital realm. We’re thrilled to join a community resonating with our vision for the future of cryptocurrencies.”

Joseon, by its revolutionary concept of citizenship and dedication to creating a borderless ecosystem conducive to technological advancements, offers a unique opportunity for progressive enterprises like Tidex. Having a footprint in Joseon enables Tidex to operate within a regulatory framework designed to stimulate growth and spur innovation.

Alongside this, Tidex has announced the listing of Joseon’s national fiat currency, the Joseon Mun (JSM), on its platform. JSM is the first unbannable cryptocurrency in the world. This listing not only fortifies the collaboration between Tidex and Joseon but also extends access for Tidex’s users to a distinct and potentially lucrative new asset.

These strategic strides by Tidex underpin its position as a pioneer in the crypto industry. By initiating operations in Joseon and introducing the nation’s currency, Tidex is not merely aligning with Joseon’s ethos but also blazing a trail for the broader industry. It’s a compelling testament to Tidex’s proactive stance and its steadfast dedication to sculpting the future of the cryptocurrency realm.

Moreover, with Joseon’s innovative business registration process, entrepreneurs can establish their corporations as smart contract tokenized entities within Joseon’s jurisdiction. These business tokens, similar to stocks, can be listed on Tidex, providing an exciting opportunity for emerging businesses and contributing to the evolution of financial markets.

For more details about Tidex’s ground-breaking venture in Joseon, please visit http://www.tidex.com

About Tidex:

Tidex is an internationally acclaimed cryptocurrency exchange known for surpassing traditional norms in the crypto arena. With a strong emphasis on innovation and growth, Tidex ceaselessly ventures into new domains to offer its users an unmatched trading experience. This pursuit of excellence has cemented Tidex’s standing as a credible leader in the crypto ecosystem.

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