As OpenAI’s Founder Project Worldcoin Set to Raise $100m in Funding, InQubeta (QUBE) Presale Demand Skyrockets – NewsTo
As OpenAI’s Founder Project Worldcoin Set to Raise $100m in Funding, InQubeta (QUBE) Presale Demand Skyrockets

As OpenAI’s Founder Project Worldcoin Set to Raise $100m in Funding, InQubeta (QUBE) Presale Demand Skyrockets

The cryptocurrency world is abuzz with news of OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s latest venture, Worldcoin. Altman, known for his groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence (AI), has reportedly raised nearly $100 million for this ambitious project. Worldcoin aims to create a global cryptocurrency that verifies users’ unique identities through iris scanning technology. This innovative approach has captured the attention of investors and industry enthusiasts alike.

Altman’s ChatGPT Paved The Way For Innovative Projects Like InQubeta

Altman’s previous project, OpenAI’s ChatGPT, brought AI to the forefront, showcasing its potential applications across various industries. Now, with Worldcoin, Altman seeks to create an “inclusive” cryptocurrency accessible to anyone who verifies their “unique personhood” using the Orb, an imaging device that captures iris patterns. The project’s emphasis on identity verification and accessibility has piqued interest and raised expectations in the crypto community.

InQubeta, a blockchain project leveraging the rise of AI, is capitalizing on this growing interest and offering a unique crowdfunding model through the use of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and tokens. InQubeta provides an NFT marketplace where AI startups can list their projects to secure funding. What sets InQubeta apart is its fractionalized NFT mechanism, allowing QUBE token holders to choose which projects to fund and receive stakes in return. This innovative approach empowers investors to participate in the growth of AI startups while diversifying their portfolios.

Safety and security are paramount in blockchain, and InQubeta recognizes this. To ensure the integrity of its platform, InQubeta has enlisted the services of reputable firms like Hacken and Block Audit to audit its codes and smart contracts. This commitment to security gives investors confidence in the project and further establishes InQubeta as a trustworthy platform.

By engaging in staking activities on the InQubeta platform, individuals have the chance to receive rewards from a designated pool. Through a 2% buy and sell tax channelled towards a burn wallet and a 5% buy and sell tax allocated to the reward pool, token holders can earn extra income by staking their QUBE tokens. This system encourages investors to hold onto their tokens for an extended period and provides incentives for those who have confidence in the future growth of AI-driven startup ventures.

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InQubeta’s Presale Has Surpassed Expectations

The InQubeta presale has been met with overwhelming demand, surpassing $220,000 in funds raised. Participating in the presale offers numerous benefits for investors. With a minimum presale amount of just $50, it provides an accessible entry point for new investors looking to dip their toes into the crypto market. Moreover, the ability to purchase QUBE tokens using popular coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT adds convenience and flexibility for investors.

More Developments Expected In The Future 

Looking ahead, InQubeta has exciting plans in store for its token holders. The project aims to launch a staking dApp where QUBE holders can stake their assets and earn rewards. This staking mechanism not only incentivizes token holders but also contributes to the overall stability and growth of the network. Additionally, InQubeta embraces decentralization, with QUBE tokens serving as governance tokens. This means that token holders have a say in the project’s decision-making processes, ensuring a fair and inclusive ecosystem where the community’s voice is heard.

In conclusion, the announcement of OpenAI’s Worldcoin project is a great one that will significantly influence the AI industry. InQubeta is well-positioned to benefit from it, and the presale numbers certainly prove that investors are interested in its unique ecosystem. 

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