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DigiToads Presale Sees Huge Influx from ApeCoin Community

DigiToads Presale Sees Huge Influx from ApeCoin Community

DigiToads (TOADS) attracts meme coin investors for raising more than $4.4M in funds during the ongoing TOADS presale. 

As more meme coins step into the crypto realm, many investors struggle to decide which crypto to buy. The uncertainty and risk of little to no market movement with meme coin investment also make investors skeptical about the future of many new projects in this industry. 

ApeCoin, similarly, was another project that brought uncertainty but later managed to attract investors for its unique meme trend. But with the lack of growth APE is showing in the competitive market lately, its investors have found a new hope of profit returns from DigiToads due to its early presale success, with over 97% of TOADS sold in its 7th presale stage.


The most substantial factor that makes DigiToads stand out from other meme coin projects that fade with their trends is its practical features that can be accessed with TOADS tokens. To make its native token practical and valuable, the project employs a deflationary approach that includes P2E games, NFT staking, trading school, and a platform. These features can be accessed using TOADS tokens, opening doors for investors and holders to access various earning opportunities with this project. 

One of the most promising aspects of this meme coin project that is making heads turn and wallets open is the revolutionary presale success that has added DigiToads to the top ICO list. The project has only reached its Lilypad 7 stage and sold more than 294,369,637 TOADS out of the 405.35M tokens allotted for presale and community bonuses. Not only is this exploding meme coin available for a meager rate of 0.036, but it also comes with an 8% presale bonus for all early investors. So not only is the groundbreaking success making the project gain rapid traction, but its community and presale bonuses are making TOADS a good crypto to buy for early returns.

With its current progress in the 7th stage, Lilypad 7, Digitoads has already amassed a remarkable sum of 4.4 million USD, solidifying its position as one of the most successful cryptocurrencies this summer. Now is an ideal time to seize the opportunity and acquire it during the presale phase, as its price is expected to skyrocket in the near future.

DigiToads, as a legitimate cryptocurrency that is certain to generate substantial gains for its investors, does not just operate in the web3 metaverse. Instead, this 20x potential project focuses on real-world issues by donating 2.5% of its income to a charity, which will help plant more trees. Furthermore, this project will later introduce its merchandise that will be focused on raising awareness on how Amazon Rainforest is losing its land and trees due to capitalization, reducing the land that toads and other species consider their home. 

The NFT staking pool is another potential feature that makes DigiToads the best cryptocurrency project for investors seeking passive revenue. This staking pool is funded by 2% of all Toad tax earned from $TOADS transactions. The platform will then use these monies to reward NFT holders for staking their NFTs.  


ApeCoin has been one of the more underappreciated assets of 2023, having broken out above $26 last year. With APE’s price sliding back to $4, over 90% below its previous all-time high, many traders have already lost hope of seeking a return. 


ApeCoin may have entered the market with a bang, bringing huge profit returns for its investors. However, like any other meme coin that loses momentum when the meme trend ends, APE has failed to show any movement in the market lately. 

With its investors now looking for a more profitable and stable meme coin that will continue to rise, DigiToads’ outstanding presale success raising more than $4.4M while still in its 7th presale stage, has won their hearts and trust. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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