As DigiToads is On Track to Raise $5 Million in Presale, Aave and Polkadot Struggle for New Investors – NewsTo
As DigiToads is On Track to Raise $5 Million in Presale, Aave and Polkadot Struggle for New Investors

As DigiToads is On Track to Raise $5 Million in Presale, Aave and Polkadot Struggle for New Investors

DigiToads (TOADS) steps up its game as a new meme coin project by raising more than $4.4M in presale funds. 

Today’s crypto world is flooded with endless crypto assets, introducing investors to new investment opportunities every passing day. However, not every project manages to gather the attention and earn the trust of its investors in the competitive market. Yet, even after projects win their investor’s trust with their promising approaches and early profit returns, some projects struggle in the long run due to growing competition. Aave and Polkadot are among these projects that recorded great but eventually began to struggle in the volatile market. 

DigiToads, conversely, is a meme coin project that has already won investors’ trust by raising more than 4.4M in presale and that figure is projected to keep on rising.  

What Backs DigiToads in the Journey of Raising $5M in Presale? 

Despite being a newcomer, DigiToads is on its way to becoming the best cryptocurrency project which has already raised more than 4.4M in funds. Currently, the project’s native token is valued at a meager price of 0.036 USD. The project’s successful presale statistics, which has already reached its Lilypad 7 presale stage, has now made it to the top ICO list for selling more than 97% of its allotted presale tokens out of the total 585M $TOADS. This early success and fast-selling out even before the TOADS official listing made DigiToads the best crypto to buy for stable market growth in 2023. 

What backs up this project as a meme coin with stable market growth is the practical utilities and exciting features that come along with investing in $TOADS. The primary feature of this project that has won investors’ and community’s trust is its captivating play-2-earn game called ‘Toad-Cade. With unique gameplay, the project allows players to collect, feed, and train unique digital toads with different qualities, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Besides gaining popularity in the Web 3.0 gaming world with the immersive Toad-Cade, DigiToads has also gained market traction for being the best NFT project. With its NFT collection set to launch during the ongoing presale period, the project will allow its NFT holders to seek various earning opportunities. 

From claiming profit returns by selling or trading NFTs once their value hikes, to staking the NFTs on the platform to contribute to its increasing value, DigiToads NFT collection can do all that. Moreover, participating in the Toad School through the project’s NFTs allows holders to learn to trade from the industry’s best players and put their skills to action in its upcoming exchange, ‘The Trading Post.’


Aave, the dominant decentralized borrowing and lending platform, recorded 4,000 daily users on average in 2022, putting it ahead of its competitors. However, this year has seen a dip in user activity on the network, making AAVE witness a constant struggle. 


Polkadot (DOT) is a well-known cryptocurrency focusing on scalability and interoperability. DOT, founded by Gavin Wood, one of Ethereum’s co-founders, promises to alleviate the limits of traditional blockchains by allowing various blockchains to interoperate easily. Despite its solutions, DOT’s price analysis in the crypto market suggests that the cryptocurrency has been rather unstable lately. 


Aave and Polygon are among the best crypto projects that had a great start due to their promising features but eventually struggled as new projects entered the market. DigiToads, a similar newcomer in the meme coin industry, has outperformed most competitors in introducing practical earning features for investors.

 This meme coin consistently shows stable market growth as the project sells more than 294,546,410 TOADS out of the allotted 405.35M tokens for presale and community bonuses. 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates. 

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