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Bitcoin Live News: What’s Ahead For BTC Price in June?

Bitcoin Live News: What’s Ahead For BTC Price in June?

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In a recent analysis by TechnicalRoundup, the current state of Bitcoin (BTC) was discussed. His in-depth review revealed a prolonged market stagnation, with the key resistance and support levels still persisting.

A Prolonged Stagnation in Sight?

Analyst suggests that the month’s close revealed little to no significant changes in market structure. The market seems to be stuck within the $20,000 to $35,000 range with no imminent signs of a breakout. 

A visible “spike and close above” argument, which might indicate an upcoming shift, is currently absent from the timeframes. It is anticipated that until the market breaks out from this range, there might not be a substantial recovery.

The analyst also expressed concerns that the market could enter a new range with continuous monthly candles, potentially leading to a prolonged stagnation period. This stagnation, dubbed as “multi-month diddling,” might result in significant losses for traders who are not cautious.

Navigating the ‘Choppy’ Market

Although the cryptocurrency market has historically been volatile, the current situation is described as particularly “choppy”. Even the higher timeframes, such as the weekly and monthly, aren’t spared from this rough trend, making it difficult to establish a directional bias. The prevailing theme seems to be a lack of follow-through on the bearish side, but this hasn’t done much to invigorate the bullish traders.

The current market condition necessitates a careful approach when setting up trades. The $27.5k level was identified as a critical line in the sand for Bitcoin. A close below this could signal a bearish trend, further complicating the already complex market scenario.

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Nevertheless, the daily timeframe remains crucial in this choppy market condition. This is where most of the work has to be done, especially as the volatility becomes more constricted. However, the daily timeframe has also presented a number of fakeout signals since the range started at the end of March, requiring traders to remain vigilant.

At press time, BTC was worth $27,166.

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