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Price Predictions Reveal That Uwerx Will Deliver More Gains

Price Predictions Reveal That Uwerx Will Deliver More Gains

Uwerx is a new project that promises exciting features once it launches into the coin market. It will utilize blockchain technology to deliver decentralization, faster transactions, low fees (1% transaction fee), and more to the freelance industry. Investors are already flocking to the Uwerx presale. 

This article will highlight the features of Uwerx and show why crypto traders believe it will deliver more gains than Fantom (FTM) and Optimism (OP).

Uwerx (WERX) Is The Next Big Project

Uwerx’s presale success has astonished everyone. It has surpassed developers’ expectations, leaving them and early investors in awe of its profitability. Within a month, Uwerx had completed the first three presale stages. A feat that is not common in the cryptocurrency market. 

This presale success results from the agile methodology approach that Uwerx developers applied. With this technique, they rolled out the project in stages while making major improvements.

Uwerx is now in the fifth presale stage, and demands for WERX tokens are still rising. Due to this increase in demand, the team increased the WERX token presale allocation to 57% of the 750,000,000 tokens total supply. They also revised Uwerx’s launch price to $0.095 – $0.115. The presale ends on July 31, 2023. The fifth presale stage has 72,500,000 tokens.

As a community-centric platform, the Uwerx team has reduced their token allocation to 7% and will renounce ownership of smart contracts once Uwerx lists on centralized exchanges for transparency’s transparency’s sake. They also had Uwerx audited by SolidProof and InterFi Network before the presale.

Additionally, the team will place 25-year liquidity locking on developers’ tokens on a soon-to-be-announced date. This lock was initially supposed to happen post-presale, but a recent poll showed 82.8% of the community wanted it to happen during the ongoing presale. 

In another poll, 98.2% voted for the team to carry out a Test Airdrop. This will verify that users entered the correct Receiving Wallet addresses.

The Uwerx team has announced they will release the Log-In page, Sign-In page, User Dashboard, Settings, Posting Jobs, Finding Jobs, and other features over the next week. 

They will also begin transitioning to the Beta version, so users can start testing the platform themselves. They also released a dedicated email (feedba[email protected]) where users can send feedback on the platform.

Uwerx recently introduced the Uwerx Vault to its platform. This new feature will enable users to save their WERX tokens for a desired duration. Uwerx will also reward users for using the vault. Uwerx features have attracted many users. 

Fantom (FTM) Declines in Value Despite Recent Partnerships 

Fantom’sFantom’s (FTM) recent partnership with SUPA Foundation has not done much to improve its value in the past month. The project has decreased by -33.4% in the past thirty days. At its current price of $0.36, Fantom is ranked #44 in the coin market. 

On May 19, 2023, the project partnered with Formula 1 racer Pierre Gasly to raise awareness for blockchain technology and new business applications. They asked the Fantom community to submit ideas for a chance to win a VIP experience at the Monaco Grand Prix. 

Analysts believe that with more collaborations like this and as more developers build smart contracts on Fantom (FTM), the project could reach $0.84 by Q4 2023. 

How High Can Optimism (OP) Go?

Optimism has decreased in value in the past seven days. The project currently trades at $1.62 with a market cap of $544,512,243. This current price is a -3.24% fall in the past seven days. 

The biggest development for Optimism in the past week was when Worldcoin announced that World ID and World App would soon make their way to the OP Mainnet. In addition, Wolrdcoin is committed to supporting the Optimism Collective in bringing the Superchain vision to life. 

This is a significant development for it because Worldcoin had initially chosen its competitor, Polygon (MATIC), for its launchpad before going for Optimism. 

Analysts believe that this alignment with Worldcoin could see the price rise to $3.30 within Q1 2024. However, they think that Uwerx offers a better-earning opportunity.

Considering Uwerx’s unique features, it is unsurprising that analysts predict the WERX token to go past $2 by the first quarter of 2024.

The WERX token is $0.041 and comes with a 15% purchase bonus. The Uwerx team intends to reduce the bonus and introduce referral bonuses when the WERX price rises again. So, take advantage of the current price and purchase bonus to buy WERX tokens now. 

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