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Analyzing Bitcoin’s Recent Recovery Trend- A Calm Before The Storm

Analyzing Bitcoin’s Recent Recovery Trend- A Calm Before The Storm

Amid intense volatility in the crypto market, Bitcoin has been a beacon of intrigue, its recent recovery trend painting a picture of resilience amidst a storm of regulatory scrutiny. Bitcoin was trapped in a bearish region for a while because of the SEC’s intensified gaze on the crypto market. The situation was further exacerbated by the Federal Open Market Committee’s (FOMC) decision to pause further interest rate hikes, triggering a heavy sell-off that sent ripples across the crypto landscape. 

However, like the proverbial phoenix, Bitcoin rose from these ashes, fueled by an unexpected catalyst – Blackrock’s Bitcoin ETF filing. This move ignited an intense bullish rally, catapulting Bitcoin’s price above the psychological level of $26K. As we delve deeper into this analysis, we will unravel the intricacies of this recovery trend, exploring whether it is a calm before an impending storm or a commitment to Bitcoin’s enduring potential.

Bitcoin Shifts Up Gear

In the face of a tumultuous week, Bitcoin has emerged triumphant, boasting a remarkable rally of over 8%. In this analysis, we’ll dive into the in-depth metrics of Bitcoin’s performance, which seems to be accelerating its pace, propelling itself out of the depths of bear market territory.

The crypto market experienced a notable surge on June 17, with its capitalization expanding by over 2% to reach $1.05 trillion. This marked a significant 7.5% increase from the low of $975.25 billion observed just two days prior.

Bitcoin, which currently accounts for nearly half of the crypto market, saw an 8.5% rebound from its June 15 low of $24,750. Concurrently, Ether, the second-largest cryptocurrency, has risen over 9% in the past two days. This market resurgence is primarily attributed to growing anticipation surrounding the potential approval of the first Bitcoin ETF in the U.S.

In a significant development, BlackRock, an investment firm overseeing $9.5 trillion in assets, submitted an application for a Bitcoin ETF to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on July 16. Historically, the firm has applied for 576 ETFs, with only one application being rejected.

Bitcoin STH Holders Are In Profit 

The Bitcoin MVRV (Market-Value-to-Realized-Value) metric, a key indicator for short-term holders, has surpassed the pivotal 1 level. Concurrently, the realized price has ascended to $20.1K, with Bitcoin’s current market price much higher than this. 

As the MVRV metric approaches one, it often signifies that the cryptocurrency is trading at a fair price, reflecting the recent transactions of buyers and sellers.

The present realized price of Bitcoin for short-term holders suggests that the majority of short-term holders are still reaping profits at a higher rate compared to previous weeks.

This state of affairs among short-term holders could signal a level of market uncertainty. However, it’s noteworthy that most investors are still experiencing positive returns on their Bitcoin investments, despite negative market sentiment.

This could be an indication that faith in Bitcoin as a valuable asset remains intact, even in the face of market corrections and SEC pressures.

Exchange Outflow Meets Sharp Decline: Altcoin Holders Seek Safety 

Bitcoin’s exchange outflow has declined by 70% over the last 24 hours, signifying that investors are currently not in the mood to sell off their holdings. The metric currently trades at 9881 BTC, showing less interest in selling activities among traders after the BTC price broke above $26K. 

The recent decrease in Bitcoin outflows from exchanges, coinciding with Bitcoin’s surge above $26K, could be seen as a tactical maneuver by altcoin holders. This move is likely aimed at risk mitigation and value preservation.

This theory is bolstered by the fact that Bitcoin’s market capitalization dominance is inching closer to the 50% threshold. It’s plausible that altcoin holders are opting to convert their assets into Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency with a more established reputation and broader acceptance, in an effort to shield their investments from potential altcoin market volatility.

Furthermore, in a revised bankruptcy filing, crypto lending platform Celsius declared its intention to transform all customers’ altcoin assets into Bitcoin and Ethereum. This move has ignited a surge of renewed confidence among Bitcoin holders.

The growing dominance of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market could indicate a shift of funds from altcoins to Bitcoin. This strategic realignment suggests that investors are adopting a more conservative approach, consolidating their investments into Bitcoin, often viewed as a more stable and robust asset within the crypto sphere.

A Spike In Network Activity 

Bitcoin’s transaction count metric has experienced a significant surge. This key indicator, which measures the number of transactions processed on the Bitcoin network, serves as a barometer of network activity and user adoption. A spike in this metric typically signifies heightened activity and increased usage of the Bitcoin network.

The metric is currently at 475K, and since April, there has been a notable spike compared to the last few years. This uptick in Bitcoin’s transaction count could be attributed to a variety of factors. It may reflect increased trading activity, possibly driven by recent market developments, or it could be a result of more users turning to Bitcoin for transactions and transfers.

Whatever the underlying cause, this surge in transaction count underscores Bitcoin’s resilience and adaptability. Despite market fluctuations and regulatory scrutiny, the Bitcoin network continues to see robust usage, reinforcing its position as a leading cryptocurrency.


The recent developments in the Bitcoin market present a smooth recovery. Despite facing regulatory scrutiny from the SEC and experiencing market fluctuations due to decisions like the FOMC’s pause on interest rate hikes, Bitcoin has demonstrated its enduring potential by making a positive gain this week. The strategic shift of altcoin holders towards Bitcoin, as evidenced by the decrease in Bitcoin outflows from exchanges, further underscores the trust in the crypto king. 

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