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Early DigiToads Adopters Are Already 10X Even Before Listing, Here’s How To Buy TOADS

Early DigiToads Adopters Are Already 10X Even Before Listing, Here’s How To Buy TOADS

Altcoins collapse, TrueUSD loses its peg, and Binance and Coinbase head to court to battle the SEC. However, one fertile patch in the crypto ecosystem remains; the DigiToads (TOADS) presale. Early adopters have already made 10X even before listing. Investors that join the presale now can take advantage of its dynamic pricing model and, with no vesting period, can lock in their gains at any time. This article dives into the DigiToads protocol and how investors can get their hands on TOADS. 

What is DigiToads (TOADS)?

DigiToads represents a new breed of DeFi project that aims to create a self-sustaining ecosystem within an ecosystem. It has already raised $4.7 million with no end in sight. The Swamp (the DigiToads ecosystem) has been purpose-built as one enormous flywheel that grows and grows while feeding profits back to investors. The ecosystem generates wealth in a constant mission to reward TOADS holders, so analysts have selected it as the best crypto to buy this year.

The Swamp features the Toad-Cade, a play-to-earn game where users can battle toads against one another aiming to be the top-ranked contender. The top 25% of players become eligible for the seasonal prize pool funded by the proceeds of in-game items that give users an advantage over their fellow competitors. DigiToads (TOADS) additionally airdrops 10% of all funds generated by the in-game item store to all TOADS holders, ensuring every member of The Swamp benefits.

The Trading-Post will be the DigiToads native DEX, and although TOADS will launch on Uniswap, eventually, it will transition to in-house swaps. This DEX will provide an additional source of revenue for all TOADS holders, power deep liquidity, and allow DigiToads to retain all the value from trading within its ecosystem.

One of the most notable features of DigiToads has to be the Platinum Toads initiative. This novel mechanism allows 12 community members to trade with the TOADS’ treasury and keep 10% of any of the profits they generate. This means the treasury will aggressively expand, with these skilled traders selected through monthly on-chain trading competitions. Platinum Toads holders will trade other DeFi coins allowing the TOADS community to extract value from the broader DeFi ecosystem and funnel it to TOADS holders.

The NFT staking mechanism has also caused a stir, with DigiToads introducing a fresh way for owners of non-fungible tokens to earn passive income. Throughout its presale, the protocol will release 3,500 cool NFTs featuring toad-themed twists on famous figures. Owners of these NFTs can stake them and will steadily accrue TOADS tokens. DigiToads reward loyalty; the longer a user stakes an NFT, the more rewards they will earn. Entering and leaving The Swamp incurs a fee and 2% of every transaction within this vibrant ecosystem funds the NFT staking pool. With an additional 2% burnt, TOADS possesses a highly aggressive deflationary nature.

Why Has the Presale Been So Successful?

DigiToads has rapidly climbed the rankings, and analysts consider it amongst the top altcoins for 2023, especially regarding its growth potential. The DigiToads presale accepts all major cryptos, and this convenience has undoubtedly helped it become a top ICO. Beyond this, analysts cite the doxxed team, the dynamic rising price, and, centrally, the massive latent potential of TOADS to explode in value in the coming months.

How to Get Involved? 

Users who want to become part of the DigiToads community can follow the links included in this article. The presale accepts all major cryptos, including BTC, popular ERC-20 tokens, and even non-EVM-compatible native assets like SOL and EGLD. All participants need to do is provide an email, and they can even take advantage of the promo code ‘DIGIWELCOME’ to snag an additional 5% token bonus. 

As the presale races on, the window for investors to join early rapidly closes, and users need to ask themselves if they want to play a role in the future of DeFi. TOADS is one of the leading altcoins to watch, and when it takes off, non-TOADS holders will be left behind. Visit the website to participate in the presale today! 

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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