Twitter Suspends AI Bot Linked to Meme-Coin Amid Elon Musk’s ‘Scam Crypto’ Claim – NewsTo
Twitter Suspends AI Bot Linked to Meme-Coin Amid Elon Musk’s ‘Scam Crypto’ Claim

Twitter Suspends AI Bot Linked to Meme-Coin Amid Elon Musk’s ‘Scam Crypto’ Claim

Twitter has suspended the account of the AI-powered bot named “Explain This Bob,” which was associated with a popular meme coin. 

This action was taken following Elon Musk’s accusation that the account was involved in a “scam crypto” activity. Musk made this allegation in a tweet on June 18, which triggered the suspension of the account shortly thereafter.

Twitter’s decision to suspend the AI bot, which had gained significant attention for its association with the meme-coin, highlights the platform’s efforts to combat potential scams and misinformation. 

AI Bot “Explain This Bob” Suspended by Twitter, 400K Followers Disappointed

The bot “Explain This Bob”, known for its algorithmic trading strategies, had garnered over 400,000 followers due to its unique capabilities. Prabhu Biswal from India created these bot, which utilizes OpenAI’s GPT-4 model to comprehend tweets and respond to tagged users.

It appears that the project was also affiliated with the ERC-20 meme coin, Bob Token (BOB), which is projected in April 2023. As a consequence of the suspension, the price of BOB experienced a sharp decline of over 30%, according to CoinGecko.

Interestingly, this suspension marks a reversal in Musk’s previous impression of the bot. On April 20, he tweeted, “I love Bob,” in response to one of its tweets, a tweet that prominently appears on the project’s website.

It’s worth noting that Twitter has not taken swift action against the account associated with Bob Token. In a light-hearted response to the news of the suspension, the project’s team shared a meme depicting Musk monitoring a distressed “Bob” in a prison-like setting.

Crypto Community Demands #FREEBOB as Controversy Surrounds Suspended AI Bot

Following the suspension of the Explain This Bob account, speculation arises regarding Elon Musk’s motives, with some suggesting he believes the AI bot was employed as a marketing ploy to boost the price of BOB Token.

In response to the suspension, the hashtag “FREEBOB” has gained traction on Crypto Twitter. Many observers argue that BOB Token is not a scam coin and question the justification for the account’s suspension. They highlight that the token’s launch was conducted fairly and emphasize that BOB is a fully decentralized currency, featuring a 0% tax mechanism.

Moreover, claims have surfaced asserting that the project team refrained from allocating tokens or conducting airdrops prior to the launch of Bob Token in April, further bolstering the argument of its legitimacy.

As the controversy unfolds, industry participants closely watch the situation, curious to see how the narrative surrounding Explain This Bob and BOB Token will evolve in the days to come.

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