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Algorand Price Prediction – Axie Infinity Sees Sell-Off, Traders Acquire Tradecurve

Algorand Price Prediction – Axie Infinity Sees Sell-Off, Traders Acquire Tradecurve

As the crypto market is currently lurching violently, investors have become more risk-averse, and are preferring stable real-world utility tokens. Therefore, the demand for the newly-launched project, Tradecurve, has skyrocketed in just a few weeks. 

Experts believe that TCRV will overtake established projects like Algorand (ALGO) and Axie Infinity (AXS). But why do experts think so? Let’s find out in this article.

eToro Halts Purchase Of Algorand (ALGO)

Although 2023 began on an encouraging note for the Algorand community, it is now turning out to be catastrophic. Investors are maintaining distance with Algorand, which caused a 35% crash in ALGO’s exchange rate in the past month. 

At press time, Algorand is changing hands at $0.11. The market standing of it has tanked severely, and fallen to its all-time low in the past two months. It all started when the US SEC claimed that Algorand is a security, in its lawsuit against Bittrex in April. 

Now, the SEC’s latest lawsuit against Binance has intensified bearish sentiments against Algorand. In the latest event, the social trading platform, eToro, has halted purchasing Algorand.

Axie Infinity’s (AXS) Listing On App Store Fails to Bear Fruit

The Axie Infinity (AXS) community was recently on cloud nine after Apple listed its game, “Origins,” on the App Store. Since it was made available on iOS in key markets across the world, the community was hoping to see a significant price rebound. 

However, their joy was short-lived as the SEC’s lawsuit against Binance pushed Axie Infinity into the red zone. Recently, the SEC labeled it as a security. This regulatory scrutiny has helped market bears pull Axie Infinity down on the price chart. 

The trading price of it has nosedived by 33% in the past 30 days. Now, Axie Infinity is changing hands at $4.62.

Tradecurve Presale Advances In Style

About 97% of people have confidence in cryptocurrency as an investment instrument, and about 55% consider it a long-term option. Therefore, crypto trading volume has ballooned. But existing crypto exchanges are deemed unfit to cater to this growing market. They suffer from various missing features, including high transaction fees, and limited profit for traders. To protect traders from suffering, Tradecurve has developed a new exchange.

It is a blockchain trading platform providing traders with access to multiple assets, such as cryptocurrency, bonds, OTC derivatives, forex, futures, and more. It offers trading at the lowest transaction fees with many state-of-the-art features.

To execute trades on the platform, users need to have an email Id to create an account. After opening a trading account, they can connect their accounts to any digital wallet, and begin trading. The USP of this platform lies in the fact that traders here are not at risk of disclosing their identity, and anonymity while trading. There are no KYC checks on Tradecurve. 

However, existing exchanges like Binance and Coinbase pose a risk to the privacy of users, as they demand traders to disclose sensitive information.

During the ongoing stage 4 of TCRV’s presale, tokens are available for $0.018. Its value has been projected to rise 50x during the presale, and 100x after listing on Uniswap and other leading exchanges.

Learn more about the Tradecurve below:

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