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Polygon (MATIC) Secures Spot on TIME’s List of Most Influential Companies

Polygon (MATIC) Secures Spot on TIME’s List of Most Influential Companies

Polygon Labs, a notable player in the blockchain industry, has recently announced its inclusion on TIME’s highly regarded list of the 100 Most Influential Companies for 2023. TIME, renowned for its annual “TIME 100” list spotlighting influential individuals worldwide, has expanded its focus to recognize companies making substantial contributions across various sectors.

Polygon’s presence on this year’s list solidifies its position as a transformative force within the digital asset sector and serves as a testament to its growth and impact on the blockchain industry.

Polygon Labs has achieved significant milestones over the past 18 months, including the successful release of the industry’s fastest ZK proving system and the launch of the only EVM-equivalent zkEVM on the mainnet.

In a recent development, Polygon 2.0, a forward-looking vision that envisions unlimited scalability and unified liquidity powered by ZK technology, was introduced. This significant leap represents a significant advancement for the Polygon ecosystem. A core element of the Polygon 2.0 vision is the implementation of ZK L2 for every Polygon chain.

Polygon’s recognition on TIME’s esteemed list underscores its noteworthy growth and impact within the blockchain landscape. The company’s commitment to innovation and pursuit of scalable solutions have garnered well-deserved recognition from both industry peers and global media outlets.

This accomplishment further establishes Polygon as a key player in shaping the future of blockchain technology and driving its widespread adoption.

Polygon Unveils POS Upgrade Proposal

Polygon has made an announcement regarding the publication of a proposal to upgrade Polygon PoS to a zkEVM Validium, which is a decentralized ZK Layer 2 solution, the first of its kind. This proposed upgrade holds significant importance for the Polygon ecosystem as it would integrate Polygon PoS as a central component of the Polygon 2.0 ecosystem.

By adopting the zkEVM Validium, Polygon PoS would inherit the unmatched security of Ethereum while maintaining low transaction fees and high scalability. If the proposal is approved, the migration of Polygon PoS, which encompasses $2 billion in assets, millions of users, and thousands of applications, to this technology could take place on the mainnet by the end of Q1, 2024.

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