Following Elon Musk’s Dogecoin Hype, DigiToads Presale On Track To Raise $5 million – NewsTo
Following Elon Musk’s Dogecoin Hype, DigiToads Presale On Track To Raise $5 million

Following Elon Musk’s Dogecoin Hype, DigiToads Presale On Track To Raise $5 million

Back in 2021, Dogecoin showed how important a strong social media can be, and surged off the back of tweets from famous fans like Elon Musk. This led to a memecoin frenzy in the crypto space, with many other tokens capitalizing on hype and demand for the next generation of crypto investment opportunities. However, these gains were arguably short-lived, with investors soon realizing that tokens need more than just hype potential for long-term success.

That’s why altcoins like DigiToads are perfectly placed. With the incredible TOADS ecosystem, you get memecoin stardust potential alongside actual utility and the perfect metrics for sustainable growth. Here’s why TOADS could follow DOGE’s lead and take things a step further for the future of your crypto portfolio:

DigiToads (TOADS)

TOADS leads the way as the best crypto to buy right now if you want gains, fun, rewards, and more as part of your investment journey. It looks set to break the $ 5 million sales barrier in just a few days, having already smashed through $ 4.8 million with ease. These figures are even more remarkable when you consider that the mainstream hasn’t even heard about TOADS yet: these gains were all made during its revolutionary presale. Prices are set to go up even higher to $0.055 before its official launch, a big gain from the $0.042 it’s available for right now. When it hits BitMart and Uniswap after its official launch, things could look even better for early investors who buy right now. So if you want gains right out of the gate as part of one of the best presales ever seen in crypto, invest in TOADS now before its new ico launch.

With some of the best fundamentals ever seen in a memecoin, TOADS has much more potential for long-term success compared to other memecoins like DOGE and SHIB. It’s a completely deflationary token, thanks to an ongoing 2% token burn which will always ensure the coin becomes more scarce over time. With inflation currently a huge issue for the world economy, TOADS could be the perfect answer.

In the innovative TOADS swamp arena, you can also enjoy some of the best web3 gaming fun ever seen in the crypto world. By battling it out with your own unique TOADS companions every season, you can win thrilling rewards thanks to a 2% sales tax that will ensure the long-term stability of the project. TOADS marries memecoin potential with real utility and mechanics: now is the perfect time to buy if you want to see your investments fly.


Dogecoin (DOGE)

Doge helped create a new industry out of nowhere when it surged thanks to memecoin hype and Twitter prowess. However, it was originally supposed to be “the people’s crypto,” and mass adoption hasn’t happened. Now, memecoin investors look for more solid underlying mechanics in their investments, which is why TOADS is primed for success.


DigiToads has managed to build on the early success of DOGE by offering actual mechanics and some of the best fundamentals ever seen in a memecoin. It’s perfectly placed for next-level success moving forward, and now is the perfect time to join the revolutionary TOADS presale if you want to see your investments flourish for the long term. Jump on board before presale prices go a step higher.

For more information on DigiToads visit the website, join the presale or join the community for regular updates.

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