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The SEC vs. LBRY: How it Will Impact Ripple Lawsuit

The SEC vs. LBRY: How it Will Impact Ripple Lawsuit

The current clash between the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and LBRY Inc., an innovative blockchain firm, has captured global attention. With potential implications for the crypto world’s regulatory future, this case holds vast significance. The SEC’s allegations against LBRY for selling unregistered securities could reshape crypto frameworks across the globe.

In the latest court session, LBRY agreed to share its QuickBooks files with the SEC, a decision that may significantly influence the lawsuit’s direction. This information will allow the SEC to further probe into LBRY’s profit and loss (P&L) statements and the state of the company’s loan to Odysee. The SEC seeks to understand if LBRY continued to sell its credits (LBC) even after legal proceedings began, painting a vivid picture of the complexities inherent in the crypto world’s regulatory landscape.

Unveiling the LBRY Case

The LBRY case, lesser-known than the highly publicized SEC-Ripple lawsuit, might deliver the first verdict, setting a legal precedent for other crypto lawsuits. LBRY, a protocol for building apps with digital content interactions, has been accused of violating the Securities Act of 1933. The SEC alleges that LBRY offered unregistered securities when it sold LBRY Credits, effectively constituting investment contracts under the Howey test.

Potential Impact on the Ripple Case

Interestingly, the LBRY case verdict could greatly influence the concurrent Ripple Labs case. The SEC has already attempted to use the LBRY court’s ruling on LBRY’s selective enforcement defense against Ripple Labs. Although it has not yet altered the Ripple case’s rulings, this overlap could cause waves in the crypto world. The LBRY case’s resolution, set to precede the Ripple lawsuit, might establish legal reference points impacting the Ripple trial’s outcome.

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