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A Worthy 2023 Investment as Chiliz Gains Favour While Sui Vulnerability Gets Sorted

A Worthy 2023 Investment as Chiliz Gains Favour While Sui Vulnerability Gets Sorted

The tumultuous cryptocurrency market still continues to surprise many people, leading to investors turning to other profitable projects like Sparklo. Sparklo, with its unique, innovative model, offers investors a great opportunity to unlock its full potential and enjoy high returns. Chiliz (CHZ), on the other hand, after experiencing a bearish period, is expected to bounce back with signs of potential bullish runs. At the same time, Sui (SUI) awards a blockchain security company known as Certik a $500,000 bounty for identifying and reporting a very critical vulnerability known as HamsterWheel.

Why Sparklo (SPRK) is considered a worthy 2023 investment option

Sparklo, a revolutionary blockchain-based platform, intends to incorporate precious metal investment within the cryptocurrency space. These precious metals, including gold, silver and platinum, will be minted into NFTs. This will provide investors with a chance to invest in both fractional or whole NFTs without any difficulty.

Sparklo also aims at partnering with jewellery stores making it possible for them to display their products on the crypto market. This is a move that has undoubtedly sparked high expectations from different investors. Most of them see it as the next big thing as far as special metal investment is concerned.

Just at its third presale stage, Sparklo tokens have already had big bull runs and are now going for just $0.055. Crypto experts also continue to project that the SPRK token value will continue to increase up to 1,000% within 2023. With such features, we do believe that this is a worthy 2023 investment that guarantees success.

Recent activities favour Chiliz (CHZ), leading to potential growth

Chiliz has had quite a challenging period full of bearish runs. However, current activities highly suggest a bounce-back that could see it rise again. One of these activities is the recent whitelisting of Chiliz by the Indonesian government. This move has boosted Chiliz bulls, thus providing a positive within the investor’s confidence.

Alexandre Dreyfus, who is the founder of Chiliz, made the announcement on June 18th 2023, that Indonesia has whitelisted it —an approval that will position CHZ among the few digital assets to gain trade authorization in Indonesia.

Certik discovery proves critical to Sui (SUI)’s potential growth

Certik, a blockchain security company, was recently awarded by SUI a bounty of $500,000 for simply identifying and also reporting a very serious vulnerability known as HamsterWheel before it’s mainnet launch. This vulnerability is considered an infinite loop bug that could easily cause Sui’s blockchain nodes to carry out operations without processing the new transactions. This leads to a ripple within the entire network, rendering Sui inoperable.

However, with the identification, Sui was able to counter this vulnerability by implementing fixes to eliminate any potential damage to the platform. Certik continues to urge other platforms on the importance of proactive security measures that made it possible for them to save Sui (SUI) against this major vulnerability.

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