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If BlackRock gets BTC Spot ETF approval, Avorak’s Future is Golden

If BlackRock gets BTC Spot ETF approval, Avorak’s Future is Golden

Blackrock, one of the largest investment firms and asset management entities, partnered with Coinbase, a major centralized cryptocurrency exchange. The two entities strategically reached this partnership to open the cryptocurrency world to institutional investors. Password to June 2023, and Blackrock has applied for an ETF approval with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Avorak’s launch perfectly aligns with this move, prompting a realistic future for this emerging crypto project. If the ETF application is approved, this could signal the start of a bull market for BTC as well as Avorak’s AVRK token.

Blackrock’s Bitcoin Spot ETF Masterplan for 2024

Although the ETF application is lengthy, the news has signalled a bullish run for significant cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin has made headlines by breaching the $30k resistance level alongside the glimpse of hope for the good news by Blackrock. Due to its market dominance, the digital asset has turned the entire crypto market green as investors and opportunistic enthusiasts take advantage. 

Once approved, Blackrock’s BTC ETF will open up new liquidity for the crypto market. Blackrock is a multinational investment firm that manages over $8.5 trillion worth of investment capital. SEC’s approval for a Blackrock Exchange Traded Fund would mean massive capital will be injected into the space, possibly signalling a bull run as BTC sets to raid new highs past $69k. This is a good sign for upcoming crypto-oriented utility projects like Avorak AI.

Avorak AI Shows a Promising Future 

Joining new projects has always been the best way to make consistent and significant returns on investment in the world of finance, and crypto is no different. With Blackrock’s possibility of launching a new ETF, Avorak AI perfectly aligns with the good news as developers at Avorak Labs work to achieve the pre-selected objectives on the whitepaper. 

The project is currently in the presale stage, phase 8, where each AVRK token sells for $0.27. On top of that, investors who get involved in the project at this stage are eligible for a 3% discount on all purchases made.

The Avorak Labs team has also set aside bonus tokens that will be allocated to investors who purchase AVRK tokens worth $250 or more. Those buying between $250 and $495 will get a 100% bonus on all AVRK tokens allocated. Those whose purchases fall between $500 and $1,250 will get a 200% bonus, while those between $1,255 and $6,000 will get 300%. Purchases that fall between $6,005 and $10,250 will be eligible for a 400% bonus, while those above $10,300 will have an equivalent of a 625% bonus.

Avorak devs are committed to developing the best software tools powered by artificial intelligence; for instance, one text-generating tool called Avorak Write stands out. The tool is designed to counter similar existing tools that generate texts using AI. 

avorak ai

Avorak Write combines internet scraping with an inbuilt self-learning tool that eliminates plagiarism from text generated. Millions of users can prompt the tool to generate text on the same subject, and the outcome will be different each time.

Avorak AI also has an inbuilt staking feature that allows investors to earn interest from Avroak staking pools. The team has allocated 5% of the total supply of AVRK tokens (approximately 2,000,000 tokens) to three staking pools, namely Diamond, Platinum, and Gold. Each collection has a pre-selected staking period to which the interest is earned. The longer the participant’s stake, the more interest their AVRK tokens will generate.

Learn more about Avorak AI on:

Website: https://avorak.ai

Buy AVRK: https://invest.avorak.ai/register

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