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Golteum Joins Chainlink BUILD To Refine Precious Metals Trading

Golteum Joins Chainlink BUILD To Refine Precious Metals Trading

Golteum, a blockchain platform incorporating precious metals with cryptocurrency trading, is thrilled to announce its strategic move to join the Chainlink BUILD program. Chainlink BUILD is an initiative by Chainlink Labs created to give emerging Web3 projects a headstart in the landscape.

This dynamic program helps Golteum in its aim to revolutionize the tokenized metals economy by combining precious metals’ intrinsic value with blockchain technology’s disruptive power.

For Golteum, joining the Chainlink BUILD program represents a significant milestone in the mission to redefine the precious metals industry and leverage the potential of blockchain technology. The support from a notable Web3 company like Chainlink goes a long way in helping Golteum’s narrative as it approaches launch.

Chainlink BUILD, a leading force in oracle network development, empowers Golteum with real-time pricing data and a trusted trading environment, ensuring transparency and security. Chainlink will also provide Golteum with marketing and advisory support to aid the platform as it brings precious metals to the blockchain.


Additional Key Partnerships To Strengthen Trust and Security

In addition to joining the BUILD program, Golteum has teamed up with top-tier infrastructure provider Fireblocks to enhance asset security within the ecosystem. 

Golteum’s smart contract has been audited thoroughly by Certik and it further underscores Golteum’s commitment to robustness, security, and transparency. Notably, six members of the Golteum team have undergone the doxxing process, earning the prestigious Silver badge from Certik, cementing the project’s dedication to safety and trust.

More on Golteum

By integrating actual precious metals onto the blockchain, Golteum is at the vanguard of transforming the financial environment. The new platform’s goal is to make precious metals investing more accessible and convenient for the general public.

Investing in actual precious metals has always entailed dealing with the difficulties of storing and protecting heavy bars of gold or silver. Investors no longer have to be concerned about these practical issues with Golteum. Precious metals are digitized and safeguarded on the blockchain via our platform, resulting in a smooth and secure investment experience.

Golteum’s emphasis on user experience and openness is one of the primary elements that distinguishes the platform. Users who trade on Golteum’s NFT marketplace get actual digital ownership of physical gold or silver bars. Each NFT transaction symbolizes ownership of a specific physical bar that is securely housed in a reputable vault. The NFT serves as a legal title as well as proof of ownership, providing openness and authenticity.

Experts and market analysts foresee extraordinary growth potential for the GLTM token within the rapidly expanding tokenized assets market. Projections indicate that this market will exceed a staggering $16 trillion by 2030, as publicized by Boston Consulting. 

With Golteum’s pioneering approach and visionary leadership, the project offers investors the prospect of exceptional gains, and you can endeavour to be early on the new platform

Don’t miss out on this remarkable opportunity to be part of a transformative journey.

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