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Golteum Gears For Market Boost As It Joins Chainlink BUILD 

Golteum Gears For Market Boost As It Joins Chainlink BUILD 

Emerging Web3 precious metals trading platform, Golteum has joined Chainlink BUILD to affect flexibility and scalability. With Chainlink BUILD, the adoption of Golteum by investors will be sped up by a large margin. Golteum is excited to announce this strategic move to join the BUILD program to gain access to Chainlink’s support of early-stage Web3 startups with technical expertise.

Chainlink is known for providing web3 startups with the tools they need to succeed in the blockchain industry, and so this move will yield an effective market boost for Golteum. 

Golteum Shoots For The Stars

Golteum is a unique marketplace for tokenized precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum, and it looks to boost adoption by joining Chainlink BUILD.

It is unique because of its strategy to unify the digital and real worlds through tokenized precious metals. Golteum creates cross-opportunities for the precious metal industry and the crypto market by issuing gold-backed NFTs that trade at a 1:1 ratio. It is a project in its own lane that seeks to become the number one Web3 platform for trading precious metals. 

Chainlink BUILD is an initiative designed by Chainlink Labs with the primary aim of aiding new web3 projects with their launch. This protocol was established to provide technical support and services to new web3 projects. With Chainlink BUILD, Golteum will have an easy emergence in the blockchain landscape with marketing and mentorship support.

The Chainlink BUILD scheme accelerates the growth of cryptos in their early stages. It achieves this by working in hand with Golteum’s supplier network 24/7.

Also, it will enhance the adoption of Golteum’s precious metals by putting them on its chain. This strategic alliance gives Golteum exclusive access to Chainlink services for scalability and dependability to attain market excellence. 

To ensure maximum security on its network, Golteum has teamed up with the leading blockchain infrastructure provider, Fireblocks. The smart contract has been audited by Web3 cyber security company, Certik. This has doxxed six team members of the team and has also honoured them with the Silver badge.


Chainlink will also provide its Oracle services that integrate with the Golteum platform to provide real-time price data for precious metals.

Golteum is not the only beneficiary of this BUILD agreement, as Chainlink and its community will be allocated 4% of the total supply of GLTM tokens. 

More On Golteum As Launch Approaches

Golteum is on a mission to democratize precious metals investments by bringing them onto the blockchain, making them accessible to a broader audience. Say goodbye to the complexities and concerns of storing physical gold and silver bars, as Golteum digitizes and safeguards your investments using cutting-edge blockchain technology.

At the core of Golteum’s offering is a seamless user experience and a commitment to transparency. Through the marketplace, users can trade NFTs that represent real ownership of physical gold or silver bars. These bars are securely stored in trusted vaults, and the corresponding NFT serves as indisputable proof of ownership.

What makes Golteum unique is its dedication to leveraging blockchain’s inherent advantages. By utilizing the blockchain’s immutable nature, Golteum ensures the integrity and traceability of precious metals. Smart contracts automate transactions, removing the need for intermediaries and streamlining the investment process.

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