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Golteum (GLTM) Is Taking The World By Storm With Chainlink BUILD

Golteum (GLTM) Is Taking The World By Storm With Chainlink BUILD

Golteum, a precious metal-backed NFT marketplace, has announced that it joined the Chainlink BUILD program, an initiative by Chainlink Labs. Golteum will be able to leverage Chainlink’s knowledge and resources to accelerate the growth of its NFTs backed by physical gold, silver, and other precious metals as a result of this agreement.

Precious metals continue to function as solid sources of wealth in a world where cryptocurrencies experience significant volatility. However, the majority are traded utilizing centralized platforms that pose a high barrier to entry for the average investor. 

Golteum has now entered the scene to shatter this barrier to entry by creating a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, and joining the Chainlink BUILD program will help to speed up the adoption of its precious metals trading platform.

As a result of this co-existence, Golteum will have improved access to Chainlink’s premier oracle services including its Proof of Reserve system, real-time data on prices, security, etc, as well as its technical know-how, and community support. This will hasten Golteum ecosystem development and long-term adoption of the GLTM token.

As part of the agreement, 4% of the Golteum’s native token ($GLTM) will be allocated to the Chainlink community, stakers, and service providers.

Chainlink’​s decentralized blockchain oracle network is built on Ethereum and is a reliable tamper-proof network that provides a seamless connection to any API.

The Chainlink BUILD program is a Chainlink Labs initiative aimed at onboarding upcoming and existing web3 projects into enhanced technical support and services, enabling accelerated growth and development of the project.

About Golteum

Golteum is a 100% asset-backed NFT marketplace that provides an unrivalled level of utility in the crypto space. Unlike other projects, Golteum provides a platform that makes room for the democratization of precious metal ownership through the use of fractionalization and blockchain technology. 

Golteum enters the scene to simplify access to physical precious metals by providing a more cost-effective, secure purchase experience with hitherto unseen features on the Web3 trading platform.


Furthermore, to improve the platform’s security and safety of customer assets, Certik performed a complete security assessment for Golteum, which included smart contract auditing (to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities) and KYC verification of six team members to ensure team transparency. 

Golteum teamed up with Fireblocks to strengthen the platform’s security against hacking, theft, and other forms of cybercrime. It will also provide institutional-grade custody services to Golteum to secure its reserves at all times.

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