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Golteum Joins Chainlink BUILD To Foster Unity Of Crypto and Precious Metals

Golteum Joins Chainlink BUILD To Foster Unity Of Crypto and Precious Metals

Golteum, a robust DeFi Platform, which integrates precious physical metals with the crypto market, has entered Chainlink’s BUILD Program to transform its ecosystem. This strategic alliance will leverage Chainlink’s Proof-of-Reserve system within Golteum’s 24/7 supplier network, thereby enhancing the integration of precious physical metals within the blockchain sphere. 

What BUILD Does For Golteum

Golteum is excited to join Chainlink’s ecosystem via its BUILD program. This strategic move will open new horizons for the Golteum platform, smoothening user experience and offering better service through Chainlink’s innovative solutions.

The integration of Chainlink’s Proof of Reserve system into Golteum’s 24/7 supplier network is a game-changer. It will boost the on-chain adoption of precious physical metals through blockchain technology, ensuring safety and reliability through Chainlink’s Oracle framework. Moreover, Golteum will have early access to Chainlink’s alpha and beta product releases, further enriching its platform capabilities.

A milestone of this alliance is incorporating Chainlink’s industry-leading precious metals pricing data. This will equip Golteum’s users with precise and trustworthy data, helping users to execute trading activities.

In a show of commitment, Golteum will allocate 4% of its native token (GLTM) supply to Chainlink’s community and service providers, including stakers. This move establishes a synergistic system, bringing a cooperative spirit that will fuel the success of Golteum. 

The Chainlink BUILD program, a brainchild of Chainlink Labs, is a dedicated initiative that propels Web3 projects by granting them access to Chainlink’s impressive services and technical prowess.

As a trailblazer in Oracle network development, Chainlink facilitates trillions of transactions across various industries, bridging the gap between real-world data and the blockchain industry. 

The platform is secured by Golteum’s strategic alliance with Fireblocks, a leading infrastructure provider. This alliance amplifies the security of assets within the Golteum ecosystem, making it a safe bet for your investment.

Golteum’s Smart Contract, audited and certified by Certik, showcases the platform’s safety and transparency. With six team members awarded the prestigious Silver badge from Certik after completing the KYC requirements, Golteum makes a secure and transparent approach to the precious metals market. 


Learn More About Golteum

Golteum’s platform empowers individuals to easily access and invest in precious metals while enjoying blockchain’s security and transparency. By bringing the world of precious metals investments onto the blockchain, Golteum is paving the way for a new era of inclusivity and efficiency in the market.

Through our user-centric marketplace, Golteum offers a transparent and user-friendly experience for trading NFTs that represent true ownership of physical gold or silver bars. By leveraging blockchain technology, Golteum ensures the authenticity and traceability of these assets, giving investors peace of mind.

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