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Eonstarter Looks To Raise $300K In A Bitcoin Based Token Sale After Securing A $100,000 Pre-Seed Investment

Eonstarter Looks To Raise $300K In A Bitcoin Based Token Sale After Securing A $100,000 Pre-Seed Investment

Eonstarter ($EONS), a utility token which is built on Bitcoin’s BRC20 blockchain, announces its $EONs utility token whitelist event (TWE).

The company aims to raise 300K USD within the first three weeks of the presale on top of the 100K USD it has raised privately. 

The private pre-seed funding round, led by Bitcoin Genesys Ventures and Bitorijins Ventures, will enable Eonstarter to onboard additional developers. 

These new team members will have a vital role in enhancing the MVP for the highly anticipated $EONS token presale. Interested in joining the $EONS token presale? Whitelist here.

The funds will also facilitate Eonstarter’s strategic alliances with other BRC20 projects and the onboarding of the first batch of projects launching on the platform.

About Eonstarter

Eonstarter is a BRC20 based IDO launchpad for BRC20 projects on a mission to launch and incubate the most innovative and sustainable projects building on BRC20 while also benefiting both $EONS utility token holders and the project Investors.

According to the Litepaper, $EONS, the Eonstarter utility token with a total supply of 100 million, will power the Eonstarter ecosystem, with multiple utilities like stake to earn more $EONs rewards and governance of the Eonstarter ecosystem.

Unlike other existing IDO launchpads, Eonstarter will implement innovative features that will ensure shady founders and worthless projects are discouraged.

$EONS Utility Token

The Eonstarter platform will be powered by the $EONS utility token, with a total supply of 100 million tokens.

10% of these tokens will be made available to early investors through a pre-sale at a price of 0.000001 BTC per $EONS token.

The presale for the $EONS utility token is scheduled to begin in 15 days. If you’re interested, you can whitelist for the presale by following this link.

Following this, a public sale will be held at a higher price of 0.0000015 BTC per token.

20% of the $EONS tokens will be used as Liquidity Provider (LP) tokens to facilitate trading on multiple top tier centralized exchanges.

“The launch of our native utility token on the biggest blockchain out there really pushes our vision forward,”

says Mr. Ahmed, lead developer of Eonstarter.

Bitorijins Ventures, one of the investors in the pre-seed round, commented on the investment, “We foresee a paradigm shift coming to Bitcoin with BRC20. With the suite of products Eonstarter is building for the Bitcoin Ecosystem, we expect a massive increase in the adoption of the BRC20 Standard.”

The $EONS token sale will be divided into three phases: a private pre-seed round, which has already concluded successfully, followed by a presale, and finally a public sale or initial DEX offering (IDO) before the token gets listed on various high-ranking exchanges and CoinMarketCap.

Follow Eonstarter on Twitter and join the Telegram and Discord group to stay up-to-date on the latest development news and updates about Eonstarter.

For more information, please visit eonstarter.com or email [email protected]

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