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Gaining a Peep into Bitcoin Cash, Apecoin, and Golteum Amid Crypto Crunch

Gaining a Peep into Bitcoin Cash, Apecoin, and Golteum Amid Crypto Crunch

A cursory observation of the ever-dynamic world of cryptos reveals no end to how many coins can show up, thus advancing investors the opportunity to scale their portfolios. 

Whether they are non-fungible tokens, stablecoins, or meme coins, there is something within the reach of the searching investor. 

Some projects that have appeared to be worthwhile in recent times – are GLTM, Bitcoin Cash, and Apecoin. While these coins bear some potential, it is advised to watch GLTM given the Round 2 of its presale phase.

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The Heat Around Apecoin (APE) May Not Last

APE, the native token of the community-based project, APE ecosystem, enables the decentralized community to design the APE enclave. 

The APE ecosystem greatly supports gaming, art, digital occasions, entertainment, and stuff associated with the Web3 initiative. 

It accrued great recognition as a result of its specialization in NFT collection as well as animal care. 

The primary functions of the APE project consist of its acting as a utility and governance token within the APE ecosystem. 

Those who hold the token can take part in decision votes, as the community influences the direction of the ecosystem. 

Yet, the future of meme coins such as Apecoin depends on the heat. The moment the noise goes down, it may start to take massive letdowns. 

Thus, only those who adopted the coin from the get-go will probably gain from the platform due to the risks that meme coins usually carry. 

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) looks friendly

This crypto was created as an alternative option for BTC to take care of decentralization issues that abstractly turn down transaction fees and times of confirmation. 

BCH continues to make waves despite seeing a problematic fork in late 2018. Investors consider it as a more affordable alternative to Bitcoin making to acquire the tokens and trade on the platform.

Golteum (GLTM) Presale: It’s Happy Time for Sharp Investors

Golteum (GLTM), nevertheless, is a standout project amongst the trio for many reasons. To begin with, it is a complete asset-supported trading platform with the mission to dynamize the precious metals and cryptocurrencies sectors. 

As a result, the project affords investors opportunities to perform trade and claim ownership of tokens, NFTs, and precious metals in just an ecosystem.


These things are carried out in an accessible environment, as the brand needed to team up with FireBlocks to ensure the safety of investors’ assets. 

Further, CertiK has run through its smart contract operations, which has not only vetted the system but has awarded the CertiK silver badge to six members of the Golteum team. 

Without mincing words, financial forecasters from the Boston Consulting Group have expertly speculated a massive explosion of the tokenized asset industry to about $16 trillion in 2030. 

This trend serves the Golteum project well as it continues as one of the foremost actors in the crypto industry. 

In addition, GLTM is yet in its presale stage, affording prospective investors the possibility of cashing in on the project’s goodness. 

The first round sold out 32.5 million tokens within 48 hours at $0.0074 as the second round braces to sell at a whopping 85% increase from the first presale at $0.012 precisely. 

There is also the opportunity to get a 15% bonus on purchases during this current Presale. Investing much earlier in an offering is recommendable because it can yield great returns when the project kicks off. 

For more information about the GLTM Presale:


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