FTX Effect Casts Doubt on Solana Future, DigiToads Endorsed By Crypto Whales, Raises over $5.8 Million – NewsTo
FTX Effect Casts Doubt on Solana Future, DigiToads Endorsed By Crypto Whales, Raises over $5.8 Million

FTX Effect Casts Doubt on Solana Future, DigiToads Endorsed By Crypto Whales, Raises over $5.8 Million

Even months after FTX’s collapse, Solana’s (SOL) future remains uncertain. FTX’s collapse in early November 2022 was felt across the crypto landscape and beyond, with Solana (SOL) as one of the big losers. FTX was one of the major investors in the Solana (SOL) blockchain, and as a result, it took the biggest hit when it collapsed and has yet to recover. Still reeling from the FTX effect, investors are doubtful about holding a long-term position, with DigiToads becoming a more popular investment strategy.

After being endorsed by crypto holders following a successful presale, DigiToads is poised to soar, which makes the remaining presale window a great buying opportunity.

DigiToads is the token to hold for towering returns on investment

It is hard to find a token besides DigiToads that cut’s finely across ecosystems in the crypto landscape and has the potential to thrive in all of them. This makes it unique in the crypto scene and has contributed to its accomplishment, with over $5.8 million raised in presales. Furthermore, it is poised to surpass $1 after launch, which industry experts and analysts have also buttressed.

DigiToads has remarkable growth potential and has been dubbed a high-growth token as a result. DigiToads, as a meme coin, is projected to reach significant peaks as it rides a memecoin wave, making early investment a smart move. Furthermore, the coin’s deflationary feature will add to its high value as the token’s total quantity decreases steadily over time.

The DigiToads ecosystem will host an exciting Web3 play-to-earn (P2E) game and an NFT feature. Players will be able to collect, battle, and nurture DigiToads, which are digital companions, and earn rewards while at it. On the other hand, users will also be able to mint unique NFTs, hold them, and trade them for profits. DigiToads’ play-to-earn game and NFT will contribute to the growth of its ecosystem and the token’s uptrend.

Additionally, the token will also have tangible use cases within the ecosystem, which will include payments, minting of NFTs, and in-game purchases. Furthermore, holders of DigiToads can also benefit from other perks. These include voting rights, staking of NFTs, and tokens to receive rewards from the staking pool.


The DigiToads presale is still ongoing and can be accumulated at a cheap price. As of press time, the presale is in stage 9 and costs $0.047 per token. To participate in the presale and accumulate the tokens, simply click below.

Solana (SOL) is in decline and shows weak bullish indicators

Solana’s (SOL) future continues to be in doubt, even after months have passed since FTX’s collapse. Within that period, Solana (SOL) experienced a rapid drop from about $36 to hovering below $20. Solana (SOL) wasn’t only impacted in terms of price, but other activities were hampered. 

With Solana (SOL) not exhibiting strong bullish indicators or mustering solid bullish momentum, investors have become increasingly uncertain about its future. As a result, a more viable investment with higher security is being opted for instead—DigiToads, an emerging meme and utility coin with exceptional presale success. With DigiToads set to replicate its bullish momentum after launch, investors can sleep better without having to worry about Solana (SOL).

Final Thoughts

With Solana (SOL) becoming increasingly unappealing to investors, considering the doubts cast by FTX effects, DigiToads has been endorsed by crypto experts following its presale success. Poised for more milestones in the future, the DigiToads ecosystem is where to be in the crypto landscape, either for its NFT, P2E, or returns on investment.

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