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Which Crypto Has the Most Potential?

Which Crypto Has the Most Potential?

In the world of crypto, it is difficult to find the best opportunities. Most recently, traders have identified Kaspa (KAS) and Tradecurve as among the most promising ones. For one, Kaspa (KAS) hits a record of 10 blocks per second on the testnet and gains 40% in just one month. 

At the same time, Tradecurve is up 80% since the start of the presale, with much more to come. Here we explore what is essential for your portfolio.

Kaspa: Cutting-Edge Layer-1

Kaspa (KAS) offers instant transaction confirmations and uses proof-of-work to implement the GHOSTDAG protocol. Kaspa bypasses the traditional blockchain trilemma of security, scalability, and decentralization by enabling high block rates and unparalleled security.

The layer one network recently announced a remarkable achievement on the testnet by achieving 10 blocks per second (bps). This way, the network set a new benchmark in the industry. This unprecedented block was on Kaspa’s Testnet 11.

One thing that helped Kaspa was its implementation of the new Rust codebase. This beloved programing language is famous for its performance, reliability, and memory efficiency. By streamlining network operations to handle thousands of transactions per second, Kaspa showcases scalability in dApps.

The performance on Kaspa’s Testnet 11 demonstrates computational efficiency across numerous network nodes while using standard hardware, proving the scalability of a proof-of-work protocol without compromising decentralization or security.

GHOSTDAG is a scalable consensus protocol showing that scaling a blockchain is no longer restricted by the protocol but by computation limits. This achievement marks the first time a public proof-of-work network has achieved a four-digit transaction rate directly on the consensus layer while using standard hardware. 

With a throughput of over 3000 transactions per second, Kaspa might even outperform Visa and Mastercard. The event signifies a new era in computing digital assets, taking a significant step forward towards mass adoption.

The Decentralized Hybrid Exchange: Tradecurve

Tradecurve’s native token, TCRV, has already gained 80% since their presale started. With its hybrid all-in-one trading platform, Tradecurve aims to revolutionize the industry. The platform focuses on accessibility and transparency.

The simple sign-up process, requiring only an email address and a wallet, gives traders access to thousands of instruments across various markets, including forex, commodities, indices, cryptocurrencies, and stocks.

Standout features of Tradecurve include no minimum deposits and no KYC requirements, enabling people worldwide to access often-restricted markets. Built on Ethereum with fully audited smart contracts, Tradecurve emphasizes transparency to ensure fair markets and asset security.

With a range of advanced trading tools and educational resources, such as algorithmic trading systems and social trading, both new and experienced traders can take advantage of the platform’s features. Tradecurve’s roadmap includes numerous platform enhancements, as well as listings on Uniswap, CoinMarketCap, and CoinGecko. The upcoming MT4 trading platform and the launch of a metaverse trading academy further enhance the platform’s offerings.

The MT4 Platform will provide advanced trading capabilities and is likely to increase demand and the price of the native token TCRV. The Trading Academy offers self-education opportunities for those interested in improving their trading skills. Tradecurve’s integration of AI and algorithmic trading systems brings unique features for seasoned traders.

At the time of writing, Tradecurve’s token TCRV is available in the presale and has already gained 80%. Analysts expect gains of up to 5,000% for the token during the presale period alone. Furthermore, there is a forecast of a possible 10,000% increase after listing on major exchanges, making Tradecurve a potentially once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

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